Thursday, March 3, 2011

Direct Booking Holidays


Many of my friends are having their summer vacation as early as now to avoid the rush in booking and travel. Most of them bring their toddler kids with them and taking advantage of their young age when they have free privileges on travel and accommodations. And because they’re not schooling yet they don’t have to wait for the summer break to start their planned vacation. They’ve booked flights several months ago via super seat sale of the domestic airline and reserved for holiday cottages two months ago. 
Well for us we only plan for provincial vacation where we’ll visit my Mom’s hometown and we’ll go to beach from there which is only a town away. Just thinking of our trip makes me long to see our close relatives in the town where my Mom grew as a child and where we live until I’m seven. My husband had our car repaired and it’s now ready for all our summer activities. I saw my SIL had her vacation also in Mexico and stayed in a beachfront hotel. You’ll get excited when you see her pictures in the resort and it’s obvious that she enjoyed every bit of her vacation. I suddenly remembered browsing through holiday rental villas in Furteventura where you could booked directly with the owner. 

Booking directly gives you plenty of benefits and privileges like personal service where the owner can give you the history of the place and the best areas to go to. It’s also more affordable as you can hire villas for your family at lesser price cutting the cost for agent’s fees. It’s pure enjoyment and relaxation with flexible accommodations you’ll have to arrange with the owners like asking few privileges of having internet connection, having visitors on your vacation or some other favours. You can dine in or out whenever you like. This is a vacation that will cater to all your needs and wishes.


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