Friday, May 22, 2020

Three Habits of Healthy Marriages

While no couple gets married imagining the troubles or conflict that will arise between them, the reality is any couple will have difficulties at some point and proactively implementing habits to help connect and work through the difficult times is critical to forming a lasting marriage. Here are three habits to start now.

Date Your Spouse

While dates and dating are frequent in the days and weeks prior to marriage, it can be easy to let them start falling away with time and the busy-ness of life and children and career obligations. Find a way to commit to a regular date night weekly or bi-weekly and be flexible with how those look in different stages of life. Spending time creating a date night or date day bucket list and taking turns planning the dates is a fun and easy to keep your connection alive.

Ask for Help

Whether you have conflict causing issues or not, it is never a bad time to start couples counseling Woodcliff Lake NJ. Finding a quality couples counselor will give both of you the time and space with a neutral third party to help you develop healthy communication patterns and give you ideas on how to work through conflict. Just like most people regularly go to their doctor for preventive checks, a skilled couples counselor can help you build and maintain your marriage while also providing help when there are challenges.


Typically, expectations are where we most struggle in relationships. Whether there are unstated expectations, unmet expectations or unrealized expectations, expectations hold a lot of power in relationships. Once recognized, communicated and discussed many times the difficulties or conflicts that start from expectations can be understood and healed. Finding a rhythm of regularly checking in on expectations and feelings will help strengthen your marriage.

There is never a wrong time to implement or plan healthy habits for your marriage. By dating each other, asking for help and discussing expectations you can develop healthy habits to keep your marriage alive and well for a lifetime.


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