Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Super Mom Sked

Got too much schedule for today. First we’re the host of our weekly bible study so I got to cook for 50-60 people. Well I’ve already ordered 6 kilos of meat and did my grocery for the ingredients. I’ve cooked pork hamonado, a favorite here in our house and also our specialty. I just did the unrolled hamonado with mouth watering pineapple sauce made thick with cheese, pineapple tidbits, sliced bread and cornstarch. I’m finished at lunchtime and my judges (my kids and Mom) rated my menu with flying colors lol!

Next, I got to run for the 3pm meeting in Ruth’s school with the graduation committee. Ms. President asked me to preside the meeting because she’s caught up in traffic. The meeting was finished at 4:30pm and I went home with my two girls to rush again to submit my weekend meme entry before arranging everything needed for the church bible study dinner. Lastly, when everything was checked and completed I finally went to see DH half on my way to the church. We went back home before 12 and I finally finished my very hectic schedule. More again tomorrow!

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