Monday, December 21, 2009

My Birthday

It's my birthday today and I'm having this post so late in the night because I had a birthday leave off blogging the whole day! I just had a simple very early morning birthday with DH, my 3 kids and my family. My brother, his wife and his kids came around 10am and enjoyed the day eating and playing with their cousins. Josh and Mat were always like inseparable when they meet and play. They're so hyper also that they seem to dominate the whole house but they're cute just the same lol! My wish? DH and kids asked me when I blew my candle. I just thanked God for a good life and loving family and I asked for continuous love, happiness and good health for all of us.


Missing My Visits

Holiday season is greatly affecting my planned schedule and I can’t help it. I’ve been away from my work for three days now. I had a memorable grand alumni reunion last Saturday where I was assigned at reception and photo booth with 3 high school friends including JennyL. We were required to be early so I decided not to do any work but to check my emails for any emergencies or important letters. I missed my blog hopping and ec dropping and I hope my visitors won’t get mad at my non-responsive blog, I just can’t fit it in my schedule. Although this work-at-home job is really giving me good compensation I can never miss special occasions like that including my Sunday fellowship service.

Today is my birthday leave so I guess I’ll just make up for my absences tomorrow because few days from now we’ll be heading for the highlands of Tagaytay and Indang, Cavite for a four-day camp fellowship service and I’m sure I’ll be missing my visits again. Well it’s a holiday and we can’t have normal schedule and activities on seasons like these. Please bear with me guys! Call it birthday present :-)


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