Monday, March 28, 2011

Post Viral Fatigue Syndrome

I really have a lot to thank for with the kind of job I have. This morning I didn’t feel well enough to work on my tasks and to erase the feeling of unwell and lost of interest in working I joined the husband and the little boy. Hubby’s going to meet MIL for some errands and transaction and he asked Josh and me to accompany him. I gladly joined him to change my environment and felt good that I did because I’ve recovered my appetite and enthusiasm over things. We should be like that when we feel bad, not in the mood or feeling sick.

Well in the case of post viral fatigue some people just can’t seem to recover from illness effects like not feeling well, lost the drive to do any activity and just want to act like they’re still sick. I’ve never known this syndrome before but by reading tips and advices over the net I’ve come to realize that I may have suffered from it but lack of knowledge and information prohibited me from knowing the signs. I’m glad to note that gave some advices, tips and possible cure on how to overcome post viral fatigue syndrome. With suggestions from them you or your family is on the way for complete recovery.


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