Monday, September 21, 2009

Fleet Program for Mobile Employees

How do companies make their employees stay for a long employment period? I should have good answers for that as I’ve stayed with my former job for 16 years. Of course reasons should always come from the company’s management and how they treated their employees. I was employed in my last work in my early twenties and I guess I was happy enough that I stayed quite long. Well I almost spent the longest period of my career with my very kind employer who treated me with a good heart and trained me in different fields of work that I never learned in college. I almost rounded up all departments of his company and have been employed in his two companies when I finally decided to resign and prioritize my family over my work.

My boss has been good to me and during my years in his telecommunications company I’ve experienced how they give sales incentives, communication allowances and Fleet program for our employees who are always on the go. Our marketing staff and account managers who always travel and visit clients were given vehicle reimbursement allowance every payday. They use their personal vehicle in meeting their clients, in products demo, testing and all activities regarding our clients.
As I was incharge of Accounting Department I was the one who check and audit their reimbursement and sometimes it’s hard to do it if the employees are too many. Well creating a database for reimbursement purposes seems to be the answer to that and that’s where companies like Corporate Reimbursement Services, Inc (CRS) comes in because they do consultancy job for companies who need customized programs for mobile employees. They make things easy for companies and it also saves them costs on issuing cars to employees. They will make calculations for reimbursement rates as per mileage run, current gasoline price and other contributing factors. It will make things beneficial for both employer and employees.


:Today's Flowers #58

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This week I'm having orange blooms for my entry. I just found this orange flowers in our church and they combined it with baby's breath and white chrysanthemums. The blooms look good on white flower background because the vivid color of orange was highlighted. I don't know the name of this flower. I'm just a little surprised at the frailty of this flower as their stems are so weak and the flowers wilt so fast. Very fragile!

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