Monday, January 27, 2014

Family Music Bonding

Family time is the most important moment after a stressful week at work and school. This is the reason why it’s best to schedule a simple activity outdoors on weekend or when there are holidays. Sometimes when you don’t have money and time to spend on faraway places you can do it at home. You can plan a simple backyard barbeque picnic get together. 

With this you can add up a music family bonding with musical instruments you love like string, percussion instruments or any instruments that your family love playing to keep the simple occasion alive and happy. We’re lucky to have kids that play a lot of musical instruments because it’s lovely seeing and hearing them play. The sounds make me feel not just proud for them but happy that they can use it in our church activity as well.


High Security Access

After you choose turnstiles, you need to know what it takes to facilitate smooth crowd movement through them. These are going to slow people down, so they can end up in a bit of a traffic jam if you are not careful. Tell your security personnel to use the following tips to make sure that everyone gets through in a simple and orderly fashion.

1. Spread the crowd out evenly to each turnstile.
Do not allow people to get jammed up at just one spot if you have multiple options. The people at the back of the line may not know that they can spread out, so you have to let them know. Keep them separated so they will not all be trying to use the same entrance.

2. Bring people with questions or concerns aside.
If someone does not have a token to get through, for instance, do not let them stand at the turnstile and talk to the security personnel about what they should do or how to get more tokens. Bring them aside and work things out, allowing other people to get through while the problem is being taken care of.

3. Do not let people rush or push.
When people are fighting toward the front, they actually slow the whole line down. They can also cause arguments and altercations, which really slows down the movement. You need to make sure that people only walk forward in a calm, controlled fashion, and they will get through more quickly.


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