Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Clean Environment Inside and Out

Last few weeks there’s a call from our community workers to help them clean the span of our barangay to prevent common diseases from occurring in our places. We’re located in the national road thus the workers always maintain the clean environment in our place because as they say we’re at the road leading to our municipality. Anyone who goes to municipality would have to pass our barangay first before they reach their destination. We didn’t encounter any problem in garbage disposal because they’re collected daily at dawn. As such we’re reminded that we should not only clean the exterior part of the house but the interior as well to make sure that we’re free from elements and germs that can cause us to get sick. 

This is true because even in the safety of our homes we cannot prevent our bodies from contacting diseases caused by dust, germs and other elements that contaminate fresh air. Maintaining the purity of the air we breathe should be controlled by air purifiers such as Rabbit Air which purifies the air inside our house by removing the common elements that pollutes the air. They offer purifier with HEPA filter which guarantees good filter capacity of airborne particles such as dust, allergens and remove bad odors from mildew and mold, cigars and some other chemicals. Having this kind of air purifier in our house would reduce the occurrence of getting air-borne diseases in the future.


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