Thursday, October 14, 2010

Gen's First in Basic Encoding Skills

I'm always posting this in my education blog Beyond Horizons but I'm sharing it here now. Gen was always competing in several of her academic subjects in Filipino essay, Press Conference, Math, even the sport of Chess and now in EPP skills. She has experienced getting the runner up medals and certificates but she didn't made it to No. 1 position and she longed to experience to compete for the inter-town level which they call it Division Level. Well that day she was very determined to really make it to the first place and I was there to witness her efforts. I was praying the whole time she's doing the exam and I thought it was hard for her. I was surprised when she finally declared that she's finished ahead of time. That's the time that she smiled to me and gave me our famous thumbs up sign. My kids were used to giving me that sign whenever they want to tell me everything is ok.

Their school coaches/teachers who were with them were happy when the awarding took place as they all got the first positions. They were three from their class who competed, one was for flower arrangement, the other one was for fabric painting and Gen for basic encoding skills. They all went home happy that they bagged the first place and will all compete with the contestants from all towns in Rizal Province. Of course I was a happy Mom and I thanked God for giving Gen the wisdom.


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