Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Foundation Repair and Home Improvements

We’re planning for a major renovation of our house and we’re going to make it a duplex type. Our house is big for us and we think it’s better if we can make it two separate homes for my Mom and sister and for my family. My engineer brother told us that we’re going to save a lot for this because we planned to change the structural foundation of the house. The wood flooring in the upper storey will also be converted to cement for a sturdier second floor. 

With the past flooding in our town in the last four years we want also to raise our major flooring to one foot higher to prevent floods from reaching it. We didn’t want to experience another flood again as it’s not only stressful but tiring as well. Changing the structure of a house is not that easy but if you have an experienced contractor that will do the job well it will be an easier task like my brother and such contractor like  foundation repair ottawa which provides renovation works at a price you will agree before the repair begins. They do their renovation projects in such a way that their plans are followed by the book. 

If some contractors tend to rely on additional budget for their original quoted price then home improvements ottawa gives you the peace of mind that they will work on their quoted price to finish the agreed repair and home improvement works. They give detailed attention to giving an accurate quote before the renovation begins so their client will know how much they’re going to spend for their desired work. They offer home repair projects in areas like kitchens, bathrooms, foundation repair, masonry, drywall and painting and other related works.


Mom's Day

This is a late post of our celebration of Mom's day last 2 weeks.  We celebrated on the evening of 11th to avoid the crowd and to allow ourselves more time to enjoy our bonding.  We have fellowship on Sunday and it would be so late if we will have dinner at 8-9pm.  Anyway it's just a simple dinner with husband, kids, my sister and of course my Mom.  We always do it together - two Moms' celebration every year in one dinner.  Strolling through the mall near us we just ask them where they want to eat.  Since the kids like halo halo and cakes we ate at Goldilocks to enjoy what they want.

After dinner Mom and sister went home because Mom was tired already and wanted to rest earlier while we enjoyed the remaining few hours at the World of Fun.  Kids just love celebrating occasions with playing at the arcade as our final stop over.  Well the kids in us prompted us to play also and I enjoyed baseball and basketball so much, of course with my kids beside me.

Here are some pics to cap the bonding and fun:


Top of the Line Scales

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Causes and Solutions for Common Problem of Men

It isn't uncommon for men to begin to see a decline in testosterone levels as they age. While this is normally considered a problem for aging men, new research shows that this problem can occur in very young men. In fact, men as young as age 30 can begin to experience these hormone and impotency problems. What are two common reasons for low testosterone levels in men? Stress is one of the leading causes of low testosterone in men. Men who have demanding schedules can see a decline in their levels. Stress causes the cortisol levels to become off balance, and this could cause a disturbance in the system. 

Diabetes is another common reason for this problem in men. In some cases, men who have not yet been diagnosed with the condition are at risk for having this problem. One in three men with diabetes can have low testosterone. What are some signs to look in testosterone deficiency? Low testosterone levels can lead to several different problems in men. It can cause weight gain and a loss of muscle mass in some. In others, it can cause fatigue and decreased libido. 

Individuals who struggle with this problem can see changes in their overall disposition, becoming overly moody. Stamina and endurance are also affected by the condition. One who suspects that they may have a problem with their hormone levels have several options available to them. Medical intervention may be an option for some as well as dietary changes. Men can also try Nature's Plus testosterone boosters to restore their testosterone levels.


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