Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Foundation Repair and Home Improvements

We’re planning for a major renovation of our house and we’re going to make it a duplex type. Our house is big for us and we think it’s better if we can make it two separate homes for my Mom and sister and for my family. My engineer brother told us that we’re going to save a lot for this because we planned to change the structural foundation of the house. The wood flooring in the upper storey will also be converted to cement for a sturdier second floor. 

With the past flooding in our town in the last four years we want also to raise our major flooring to one foot higher to prevent floods from reaching it. We didn’t want to experience another flood again as it’s not only stressful but tiring as well. Changing the structure of a house is not that easy but if you have an experienced contractor that will do the job well it will be an easier task like my brother and such contractor like  foundation repair ottawa which provides renovation works at a price you will agree before the repair begins. They do their renovation projects in such a way that their plans are followed by the book. 

If some contractors tend to rely on additional budget for their original quoted price then home improvements ottawa gives you the peace of mind that they will work on their quoted price to finish the agreed repair and home improvement works. They give detailed attention to giving an accurate quote before the renovation begins so their client will know how much they’re going to spend for their desired work. They offer home repair projects in areas like kitchens, bathrooms, foundation repair, masonry, drywall and painting and other related works.


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