Thursday, March 11, 2010

Wishing for Rain This Summer

The nature hasn’t been good these past few days with successive earthquakes, tsunami warnings and many other natural disasters. Who would have thought that earthquakes can be that bad on Haiti and Chile. I thought that earthquake way back 90’s in Baguio City was the mightiest I’ll ever see. Those other earthquakes happened before I was born so the only living memory I had was that of the 90’s earthquake.

Well even without those extreme disasters we’re already down with big floods last year, El Niño at the present and Meralco rate increase this month. Imagine after the killer floods we’re now facing low water level in the same dams that let out too much water in Metro Manila and nearby towns. My neighbor told me to buy stainless steel drums so we can stack enough water if there will be water supply interruption also. My neighbor dreads power and water interruption so he’s preparing for all the things that might come up with this near drought situation in many farmlands in the provinces. I was amazed with the one who invented artificial rain which helps nourish the dry farmlands temporarily. I heard over the news that million-worth of crops were affected by El Niño and if this continues we’ll have shortage of rice all over the country. I just hope and pray that there will be rain this summer.


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