Friday, September 18, 2015

Kids’ Music Schooling

When I think about my kids’ hobbies I can’t help returning back to one summer vacation that I enrolled them in our municipality’s free music schooling for kids and teens. I enrolled my daughters who were so young then in their 6th and 7th grade while my son was in grade 1. As young as they were they’re very much interested not just in music but in playing various musical instruments. I know that it comes from the genes of my Mom who have some musicians in their family but their interest is still overwhelming. 

The girls had their keyboard classes which they used until now in playing their pieces, the eldest didn’t finished the class because of chicken fox but the two made it until graduation. My little boy was so infatuated with playing drums so I enrolled him and he enjoyed every session of it. When I saw concert toms on my favorite music online store those memories of music schooling keep coming back to me. Josh, now a big boy plans on continuing his drum lessons and we’re planning to do it next school break, maybe on summer vacation.


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