Monday, January 29, 2018

The Perks of Having the Right Family Car

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We spend most of our holidays and summer breaks on faraway places for our vacation and church camp meetings. Thus, it’s important that we have our own car to travel in comfort and safety. We have three big kids and going to different places is not that easy if you only commute through public vehicles. Sometimes we venture on places where public vehicles are not available so it’s really vital. Nowadays having a car is not a luxury but a necessity especially if your family is big like us as we travel not only with the kids but with my younger sister and my Mom. 

We had two cars in the past which are slightly small for us so for our third one we bought a big pickup with camper shell to accommodate more people and baggage too. We love our Mazda pickup which we fondly called Mazy because we were able to go to a lot of beautiful places without worrying about our heavy baggage. We were able to share it also to our church mates who don’t have cars of their own. Now that our Mazy is getting old and showing some signs of mechanic issues we’re thinking of buying a new one. 

Finding the perfect car for the family is never a problem with  where you can browse over branded cars and search for whatever type of car you need. They offer all car brands with complete specifications and features so you can decide which will fit your specific car requirements. I just visited the site now and discovered that they also offer used cars which are more affordable for those who don’t have funds for the new models. Hope that we can buy our new car soon also just in time for the school break.


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