Monday, March 12, 2012

Guidelines in Transporting Your Car

Moving your car is like moving to another place also as you’ll have to prepare the car and follow some guidelines. Knowing how to prepare it for  automobile shipping will save you some money as you can record and report the car conditions in case damage will occur in the shipping. Some of the things that you need to do includes washing your car, recording damage or nicks correctly, removing personal things, turning off the car alarm, making sure battery is fully charged and tires have inflation, locking or taking away loose parts, checking if its seeping out oil and making a complete report of pre-existing car damage, if any.

Ensuring that your vehicle is prepared enough for the shipment you should search for the reliable company that will not only handle the shipment carefully but will give you affordable rates too. There are free vehicle shipping quotes available online like Auto-Car Transport so it will not be so difficult to find one. They will give free quotes from multiple shipping companies. Remember that  vehicle shipping involves following some necessary custom regulations on importing so it’s best to get a company that has the expertise on shipping cars on local and international grounds to prevent violating rules and paying off penalties in the end. 

When you have chosen your shipping company they will give you estimated dates of when they can pick up the car and when it will be delivered which is normally 3-5 days. When they pick up the car they will also make their own report of the car’s conditions so they will have reference when damage fees will be claimed when accident occurs. Just make sure that you review what they have written and reported before you sign to avoid complications in your agreement. Generally when you followed tips and advices you’ll have an easy, quick and worry-free shipment.


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