Wednesday, July 22, 2009

:WW - Threesome

These are Josh' friends in our church, they made me act as their photographer here and then they asked their Mommies to bring my card to the nearest digital shop to printtheir pictures. I had 30 shots of these girls (they're 6 girls). Just chose this one because I like their different poses here. Ok their names from the left : Mae, Monalette and Deborah.

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Custom Shipping Boxes

In any business concerning sales and services you have to exert much effort in getting clients that will conformer to your offered sales agreement. Like in my job before we sell prepaid cards and sometimes gateway equipment to our valued clients that uses our services for their international calls.

For safety purposes if the clients ordered equipment we delivered it ourselves especially if the order is less than 10 equipment. If the shipment or delivery will involve bulk orders I think it’s proper if we just shipped it and use shipping boxes. When I searched about this thing I learned that cardboard boxes has different styles now and can be customized with printing. I’ve seen some of the products and was quite satisfied with it. It can also be ordered online for more convenience!


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