Thursday, July 7, 2011

Why Heavy School Bags are not Ideal for Kids

During school time, you’ll hear kids often complaining about back pains and as an adult you might think that they are only making up an excuse in order to miss school. Studies have shown that there is a link between these discomfort and the heavy school bags that kids are required to carry going to class.

As your children reach a higher grade level more educational requirements and subjects are included in the curriculum which means an increase in their number of books and notebooks. Now there are some schools that require kids to bring all these stuff to class everyday, hence carrying a heavy load which might put a strain on one’s back.

One thing that can contribute to a back pain is that if there’s an uneven weight distribution between the shoulders. Encourage kids to wear their bags correctly and not just use one of the straps as the weight tends to be concentrated on that area alone. For the younger students, bags with wheels are a better option. This will not put any strain on the child’s body and will prevent any pain or injuries.

In case your child is in a situation like this, you can seek a medical help to be sure that there are no major problems or it won’t have a permanent effect on the child’s bone structure. Of course there’s a need to comply with the school’s policies and regulations but there’s also a room for compromise in most cases.

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