Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Josh' Moving Up Ceremony

Before the Ceremony
With Dear Tita Mama
With DaddyWith Me
With Teacher Joan
Align Center With Friends With Lola DearJosh graduated from preparatory school last Monday the 22nd day of March and we're all excited about his last moving up ceremony as preparatory student. He's going to move up to primary schooling next school year and the whole family is all giddy about it. I had tons of pics (as always) and I just picked some for this site. I'll be posting some on my other blogs.

For this year he got the 2nd place, the Best in Reading award and that makes it three in a row. On his nursery he got the 2nd place also and last year in his kinder class he got the 1st place making him the class valedictorian. He also have a Loyalty Award because he's been in St. Audrey since nursery. This is the first time that he didn't have a piece to speak as in the last two years he's the one who delivers the speech for the giving of certificates to the honors. The speech was in Filipino language and I think it's more appealing to the graduates and parents. My opinion only of course!

As always St. Audrey is on time with the graduation ceremony finishing it before the kids gets tired much to my relief! We started at 8:30 am and before 10am we've finished with the photo shoot. We headed to our house to pick Mom and ate at Josh' fave KFC. At lunch time we brought packed foods to Ruth & Gen.


Saturday, March 27, 2010

A Kind of Anti-Stress To Me

How I would like to take a vacation by the beach but I still have busy schedule and tons of work. I have to work out my busy schedule before I can go on with my vacation plans. It doesn’t have to a grand vacation as I only want to take some rest after a 10-month circus with house chores, school activities and online works. Actually if I have an acer netbooks with me on my vacation and a prepaid broadband I can still update my blog and read emails while I’m somewhere vacationing.

I don’t mind reading emails and doing some blogging while on vacation because blogging doesn’t stress me. On the contrary it’s a form of anti-stress to me because when I’m online I can do anything, I can hear music, watch videos and movies, visit favorite sites and communicate with friends. I don’t have to get in touch with my family because my vacation would certainly include them :-)


Friday, March 26, 2010

:Mommy Moments - Summer Days Are Here!

mommy moments

As school classes is just about to end we still haven't been to any resort. Next week we'll go to Villa Dominga Forest Resort where we'll have our regular summer camp meeting and possibly a splashing afternoon in the resort before we go home. We sleep in the tent which makes it more exciting.

Some shots I have here was our swimming in Brgy. Pansol's Villa Ruby Rosa in Calamba, Laguna where we regularly spend our summer swimming for the whole church. We rent the whole resvilla to our group only and cook our meals here good for around 14 families. We started going there at dawn and go home before it's dark. There are only two pools here, one for the kids and for the adults but it's good enough for us. Kids just go out of the pool when they're hungry lol!

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Earthquake in Metropolis

My sister called me yesterday that they experienced an earthquake in their office and since we’re not that far from San Juan EDSA where their office is located she asked about us. She was surprised that I didn’t know the earthquake that passed Metro Manila. She told me that it’s around Intensity 4 but I learned that in some areas it has reached Intensity 6 so I was thinking why I hadn’t felt or known it. As I remember the hour it took place it was the same time as Josh and I were preparing to go for his entrance examination and I was preparing some documents for his entrance requirements. I was also busy with the OR of our Nissan Sentra for the buyer and checking some Ferrari parts for my friend’s favorite car. Well none of my neighbors felt the jolt so I guess it’s not that as strong here in our place as in the other places in Metro Manila.

Actually it’s the second time that my sister called to inform us of the earthquake only to know that we didn’t knew it happened. Funny but it’s true. According to my niece’ husband my sister’s workplace location is really prone to earthquake and they will really feel the shake even if the intensity is not that high. The same goes to my former office because I learned that the fault line is lying around the area. Maybe that’s the reason also that whenever a heavy truck passes our building it felt as if our glasses will break because you can feel them shaking. I’m a very observant person and during my 6-year stay in Libis I think that it’s also part of the fault line.


:Friday Fill-Ins #169

And…here we go!

1. The right word should be coming from the heart and not from the mind when you're trying to advise a friend in her most troubled moments.
2. Open and shut the door quietly, please so I can work without noise disturbances. I can do some more tasks if I can have silent environment.
3. Up , UP and away.
4. At my little office corner in the living room is where you’ll find me. If not look for me in the kitchen I may be cooking some foodie for my hungry kids
5. Ooh! What is that foreign recipe menu doing at my kitchen table, do you think I should try cooking it? Well let me see!
6. Your thought of making some giveaways for graduation of the kids is a good idea but it will be too late now to prepare it, don't you think so?
7. And as for the weekend, tonight I’m looking forward to working til the wee hours at night because I slept early yesterday and my tasks will expire soon, tomorrow my plans include checking out all things to buy for our camp meeting on Holy Week and Sunday, I want to collect some payments for our summer camp food so I don't have to collect on the camp site!


Thursday, March 25, 2010

A More Secured Place

Times now are different from the past as there are plenty of bad elements roaming around the town not only in the night but on daytime as well. Thus owning or installing wireless security systems is becoming a necessity than a luxury. We’re living along the national road and it’s not uncommon for us to have beggars, solicitors and other people asking alms in our front gate.

What’s frightening is that some of them disguise for a beggar then when you turn around they will sneak in and get some valuables. We still have many things stored outside the house and that’s their target. Our car which was shelved temporarily was the hottest item in the garage and some strangers posed as buyers. Now I’m wiser and I don’t entertain buyers anymore unless I figured out that they’re real. I’m just glad that I’m working at home now and I can look upon the house, my kids and my Mom at daytime. I’m thinking about having those home security cameras.


Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Our Rented Pickup Car

We were using my brother’s car whenever we need service car for our Sunday service, school occasions and some other functions that we used to bring car. Our car is still in our garage waiting for the mechanic to come to its rescue. Actually I have some buyers who wanted to buy the car but we never agreed on the price. When we used bro’s car last Monday on Josh graduation we were asked by SIL to bring it for emission testing because it’s due for yearly registration. They’re also looking for cheaper insurance quotes for their pickup. Anyway we really find bro’s pickup car very nice to use because it’s big and good even without air conditioning.

I want to share to you that two of my kids are having bad times when we ride on taxi cab. They don’t want the scent of the taxi and they complained it’s a mixture of different people’s scents, oh my! It’s really a problem to me as they prefer to ride in jeepney which I don’t like doing this summer season when I’m with the whole family because it’s hard to commute with many baggage. It’s really a blessing that big brother has two cars.


Coffee or Coke?

I’m a bit sleepy and I feel the super hot atmosphere outside. Since I can’t sleep due to some tasks to finish I must grab a Coke Float now to quench my thirst and control my eyes from drooping down. I like this drink from McDo because of the ice cream floating at the top. I’m not a fan of cola but I certainly love ice cream so it's yummy enough for me!

Did you know that colas are better than coffee when you want to stay awake? We had an experiment when we were doing technical proposals several years ago. When our proposals are nearing its deadline we were requested to work 3 days without going home or if we went home we’ll only take a one-hour nap, take a bath and change our clothes so on super critical days we opt to stay in the office for 72 hours and go home when the bidding documents were finished. It’s better that way than consume few hours of traveling back and forth.

Back to controlling our sleep we learned and tested that we stayed awake longer if we drink ice cold cola than hot coffee. The two both contains caffeine but cola has a longer effect on us and we’re able to stay up to 5am with clear vision and mind. It’s not advisable to work without sleep and rest but on those days that we needed to finish bidding documents we have no choice but to survive. I’m glad that those days are gone and now I’m working here in the comfort of my home without boss to declare my working hours.


Summer Classes

If there’s one thing that I’m thankful about having an internet is the opportunity to earn while you’re at home. It’s a big help for Moms who can’t stay from kids and responsibilities but are capable of working online on their free time. I’m really very thankful that even if I’ve resigned from my job I can still help my husband in supporting our kids’ education and some other needs. This summer I was thinking of studying again and I’m thinking of enrolling in baking courses to have a basic knowledge on baking. I can bake some simple recipes but I want more. I was inspired by my friend who also want a further studies in the field of allied health and was planning to take medical coding training courses online because she’s as busy as me and regular schooling will not be good on her busy schedule.

It’s great having online studies made available nowadays as education should be open for all and in this age of high technology education online schools have their best knowledge in giving quality education online. Who would ever think that online schooling can be a success? It’s not only good for Mothers like me and my friend but also to students who live far from regular schools that offer courses like this.


Following My Brother’s Footsteps

I saw my nephew’s picture in Facebook wearing tuxedo and I was a little surprised at how fast he has grown to be a young man. The picture was taken in their Junior Senior Prom and he was chosen as one of the Prom Kings. He’s the eldest child of my big brother and the first grandchild of our family thus he got the most attention in the family. I took care of him when he was just barely two years old before I got married and he’s very close to me.

Even until now he will call me just to make him his favorite leche fan and gelatin. He love eating my special recipes and years that transformed him from a child into a teenager didn’t erase the fondness we have for him. He’s still our little charming nephew and now that he’s entering college we’re so concern on his preferred school and the course that he’ll enrolled in. He’s following my brother’s footsteps and will be taking Civil Engineering so he can help his Daddy with their family construction business. I’ll pray for his success.


Entrance Exam Schedule

I’m having a very hectic schedule today and I can’t find the time to download Josh graduation pictures. Well anyway I’ve finally managed to schedule Josh for his entrance examination in a Christian school next town. I did mention in one of my other blogs that I’m done with my eldest Ruth entrance examination. She has passed the entrance early last month and I’ve reserved a slot for her so I will have to wait for next month’s announcement of enrollment period.

Ruth’s school has limited number of students and I think a hundred is good enough for them for freshman students. I heard from my niece whose currently studying there that there are only 3 sections per year level. Oh well I would love to enroll Ruth in a Christian school where she can also be with her cousin May.


Space Saving Entertainment Center

The little boy has accidentally dropped our DVD player and the TV tuner was loosened also. I have with me two appliances for repair though the TV can still do with cable channels to my kids’ delight. Well the little boy is sad because he’s the one who is using the DVD often so we just let him watch movies on the other desktop computer. He’s happy enough now that he can have the other desktop all day before his siblings came home. It’s my sister’s PC and she only uses it at night. Now I’m searching for new cabinet style entertainment centers so I can place our TV, DVD and components in one place with enough protection and free from accident. I can also add up storage for my compact disc.

It’s very important to me to have a safe place for all the video and audio appliances in the house and it’s a space saver too if I can have the cabinet type. I just wish that my little boy wouldn’t be so hyperactive in playing so I will not have headaches in appliance repairs.


Monday, March 22, 2010

Discounted Leather Shoes

My sister and I went to SM with my two girls to buy them shoes for recognition and graduation. I wanted branded leather black shoes for them because I want their shoes to last a long time. I went to the brand I like because I know their materials used for shoes are of quality standards and can withstand the wearer’s activities everyday. I was happy that we were able to avail of 50% discount on Qibi shoes and I got lot of savings for my budget money for them. Hope I can also get the mbt shoes on sale items now especially the Geox Kid’s shoes. I like the color and style of coffee/orange leather for the little boy even if I just bought him an MM rubber shoes yesterday.

Anyway I’m getting more relaxed as I’ve finally bought the things I need for the graduation of my two kids and eventually I’ll have some time to buy a special blouse for myself. Lately I’ve been staying at the house more often because of the good season in my online job and as such I can’t shop for the things I need. I just rely on my sister to do some shopping for me. I’m lucky to have a sister like her.


Friday, March 19, 2010

Mommy Moments - Field Trips

mommy moments

Its kinda late when I saw the theme this week. It's actually my second time to join this because I'm always busy to prepare my pics for the theme! Well I'm late again now but I really want to join this week because I want the theme!

Here are some of my little boy's pics on their recent field trips (though I've posted some pics on my other blogs).
At the Philippine Airforce
At BioresearchThe Dog & Cat MansionGold Fish PondButterfly GardenTractor

At Enchanted Kingdom where we stayed longEntranceWith EK CharactersAt the Carousel with tantalizing eyes :-)Following Ek Characters parade and show
At Bumbling Boulders

Actually I have more pics because I shot at every stop but it will be too long here :-) At Bioresearch itself I haven't posted a pic at the Honey Bees, Tree house, the Mini Zoo, the Cactus variety, the Mini Castle and a lot more especially at Enchanted Kingdom Amusement park where rides are at its best.

Know what? I only had a chance to ride in Carousel to assist Josh and in the Swan ride. Next time I'll ask my sis, hubby and my two girls to join us for more fun.

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Working Comfortably in My New Table

I’m happy with my new buys last month because I was able to get an office furniture for a very affordable price. It’s a pre-owned office table about 4 feet wide with 2 filing drawers and big enough to accommodate my PC desktop, my big monitor, my mobile and landline phones and some other peripherals. I’ve given up using my computer table because I can’t work comfortably.

With my new table I can place my books, notebooks and be able to rest my left arm while typing because I have all the space I want. It’s actually big if you only have a small office room, luckily we have enough space for it here in our house. So now I’m very comfortable with my new setup placing the new table outside the room where my PC used to be. It’s more convenient and I can accept visitors while doing my tasks because I placed it beside our extra sofa.


:Friday Fill-Ins #168

And...here we go!

1. Today I will be scheduling my time wisely because I have to finish tons of work, no more window shopping for gadgets for now, no FB, no YM just twitter!

2. My friend offers to do a favor for me because I don't have time and I say why not? It's actually a big help to me since I have many work to be done right now.

3. What do you think of the bills next month? I think it'll be higher wahhh!

4. At Starbucks it’s free Pastry Day til 1030 Friday!

5. People say that what we’re all seeking is perfect love but for me more than anything we have to seek God in order to find true love.

6. The image I cherish most is my kids' pictures when they were just babies. Those are priceless.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I’m looking forward to finishing (hopefully) my tons of tasks ;) , tomorrow my plans include doing some house chores while getting some help from someone and Sunday, I want to forget my work and enjoy Sunday worship!


Only Soap and Water Maintenance

Summer brings vacation plans, break from schooling and plenty of outdoor activities for the family. It doesn’t end there as this season also causes a lot of skin disorders like skin rashes, sunburns, pimples, adult acne and some diseases like measles and all related skin sickness during summer.

It’s but natural especially for the teens to develop acne at this very hot temperature because the skin tends to be oily and dirty with the hot summer afternoon but developing it on adults can be a bit of a problem. Anyway I’m glad that with the use of a plain white soap and water I can avoid that to occur in my face. I’m blessed with a skin that requires no special attention. Ever since I’m a student I only have to maintain it with soap and water and that’s it. No expensive beauty regimen and rituals lol!


Thursday, March 18, 2010

:TC - Round 'Space Shuttle'

for fun and learning

"ROUND" (Circle, Sphere, Curves, Moon, Clock, Coins,...)

This is the rounded and curved space shuttle in Enchanted Kingdom, one of thrilling rides in the amusement park where Josh and I had a glimpse only. during their educational tour/field trip. I'll never ride in such things as thrilling and exciting though it may seems I'm afraid of too much height.

Forget the excitement and experience because I don't want to blow and be embarrassed hahaha!
Glad Josh didn't asked me to ride with him or I'll have a problem then. Anyway for thrill seekers and those that enjoy pure riding pleasures I can recommend this. Enjoy the air!

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Extra Energy to Beat the Sun’s Heat

The sun’s heat starting at 10 in the morning up to 3 in the afternoon is not conducive to healthy well-being. If you’re out in the sun within these hours you’ll feel the heat on your face that will drain most of your energy. I think only those who are taking energy drinks and hgh releasers will survive the sun’s harmful effects. It was known to increase energy and revitalizes as well.

Had I known that our morning errands would do harm we wouldn’t give in to our food cravings. My little boy accompanied me when I went out past ten in the morning the other day. We walked to meat store, rice cake store, bakery and fruit stand for our regular supply of fibrous fruits. Josh complained of his stomach and immediately I surmised that the heat affected him. It was yesterday when he felt the stomach pain that resulted from over exposure to sun. Yes the heat can make your stomach cringe, can make your blood pressure rise up and it can make you suffer from the usual skin diseases prevalent every summer. I promised myself to find time to do my errands earlier as I’m beginning to develop headache when I go out at lunch time.


It's My Back Pain Again!

I thought the morning would bring a misty day as it showered a little at dawn, I know because I wake up everyday at 4am but now I woke up at 5am because I stayed longer yesterday night prolonging my blogging up to dawn. I can’t resist some good offers so I stayed until 4 in the morning. I stopped and realized that it’s already early morning. I only had a one-hour sleep but I feel good and fine except for an excruciating pain in my left shoulder, the one which hit the road when I fell last year. It still hurts once in awhile but my Mom helped me with her wonderful massage so I was able to survive the pain. That massage helped me finish my tasks in due time.


Read Reviews and Ask Other Opinions

Sometimes in our desire to look trim and fit in the fastest way possible we easily get enticed by sweet talk and promises of good results from the products they’re endorsing. Oftentimes we try new products without reading reviews or asking opinions about the products. Guess what’s confusing me here? A quick trim reviews opposing the claims that they can really burn your fat fast. With the wide range of sites offering diet products you’ll have to be careful which product is right for you. For me the best way to know if it’s right for you is to consult your doctor and if you’re convinced enough you could try one or two but not the whole package. This way you can see if it’ll work out the way it should be.


Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Massive Traffic for Your Site

Every blogger wants their sites to be reached and found by readers. It’s a good help to get traffic so if you don’t have enough readers and visitors you’ll be writing without readers to view your post. There are many ways in order to get traffic getting to your site but sometimes it’s too expensive for affordability. Good thing there is free directory submission where you can use free SEO tool to submit your site to web directories free of charge. This is a good way to and a great chance to get your site indexed and eventually is found and searched by many internet users.

Oh I love to have massive traffic to my sites so I’ll be able to share what I’ve written in my blog. I love sharing my experiences in life and some inspirational thoughts but what’s the use of writing post if no one will read it? Well I’m thinking of submitting my sites to these free web directories now.


Some Observations

This month has a lot of disastrous things that happened around the globe and here people are busy with the coming elections. Just puzzled why every election brings about massive brownouts and in the past years there are weird stories of kidnapping of children and stories that seem to frighten people to go out in the evening. I find these repeated occurrences every election and sometimes it’s hard to know if it’s true or not. I’m not the type to believe all stories that I heard but I’m just taking these all as part of the old tradition of Filipinos be it in community or in the whole country. Hope it will be peaceful on May.


Easily Got Tired from Walking

When I look in the mirror this morning I was convinced that I really need to think about proper meal and exercise. That’s the first thing that comes to my mind to lose weight fast because I really need it. I’m not surprised why for the past few days I easily got tired when I walk two kilometers.

I’m very strong when it comes to walking and running even if I gained weight but just a week ago I felt tired after walking some kilometers. I’m not that conscious to get as slim as when I’m still younger but when it’s a question of being healthy I want to lose excessive pounds. I don’t want to acquire sickness due to my weight so I’ll be starting now before it’s too late.


Tuesday, March 16, 2010

:Ruby Tuesday - Arcade Car

This is one of the cars in Quantum Arcade in SM North Edsa where Josh and my girls had fun when we played there while waiting for their Dad. Forgive the slightly dark shot of his face here as the light is dark on his position. Just thought that the car is so cute just like Mr. Bean's car but different in color.

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Saturday, March 13, 2010

I’m Happy for My Friend

I’m very happy for my friend Janet because she finally found a job she loves aside from her teaching profession. She was currently reviewing for her board examination every weekend and preparing for next school year’s classes. She was hired two months ago by a preparatory school near to my house and was scheduled to start this coming June. We’ve been talking about her new school when she was called for an interview for an office employment. She was so excited and immediately picked an original copy from her neatly filed resumes and went to her appointment.

She earlier showed me her application letter and after the interview she sent me a text message informing me that she got the job. Her father was near to tears and told her that it’s a blessing from God for all the trials and problems that she has gone through all these months. I also thanked God in my prayers for His guidance and support to my friend when she needed Him most. Janet and I are close friends and like sisters and if she’s happy with her life now I’m equally happy for her. Besides she really deserved it because she’s a wonderful person.


Friday, March 12, 2010

:Friday Fill-Ins #167

And...here we go!

1. I am so looking forward to resting early tonight because I'm not feeling well
2.Will rest awhile and try to finish some due tasks later.
3. When you get visit my hometown in the province you'll also feel the freshness of air, water and food there. You'll also love to swim in the cold rivers.
4. Being a christian is a big part of my life.
5. If you need anything, don't hesitate to call, text or tweet me I'll be of help in my own way!
6. Plan a trip and I'll arrange my schedule so I'll be able to come.
7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to a good and sound sleep, tomorrow my plans include sorting up things in my filing cabinet,general cleaning and finish some tasks? and Sunday, I want to devote my time to Sunday service fellowship!


Thursday, March 11, 2010

Wishing for Rain This Summer

The nature hasn’t been good these past few days with successive earthquakes, tsunami warnings and many other natural disasters. Who would have thought that earthquakes can be that bad on Haiti and Chile. I thought that earthquake way back 90’s in Baguio City was the mightiest I’ll ever see. Those other earthquakes happened before I was born so the only living memory I had was that of the 90’s earthquake.

Well even without those extreme disasters we’re already down with big floods last year, El Niño at the present and Meralco rate increase this month. Imagine after the killer floods we’re now facing low water level in the same dams that let out too much water in Metro Manila and nearby towns. My neighbor told me to buy stainless steel drums so we can stack enough water if there will be water supply interruption also. My neighbor dreads power and water interruption so he’s preparing for all the things that might come up with this near drought situation in many farmlands in the provinces. I was amazed with the one who invented artificial rain which helps nourish the dry farmlands temporarily. I heard over the news that million-worth of crops were affected by El Niño and if this continues we’ll have shortage of rice all over the country. I just hope and pray that there will be rain this summer.


Tuesday, March 9, 2010

CCS Golden Jubilee-50th Alumni Homecoming

This is a late post as we've attended our 50th alumni homecoming last Feb. 26. We were like high school again and our batch was the noisiest (just like in our HS days). Imagine we're done with our dinner even before the others has started their own lol! The host batch' speaker describe our batch as having a birthday party as we're the only batch with balloons and cake. We're just happy to see each other again and we've agreed to bring different foods. We have enough foods for three batches and we're able to give some to others.

What caught my interest was the video of successive school years since '60s featuring each generation's uniforms, batch of teachers and some class pictures. Our school has changed a lot from the time it started up to now that it has become not just an elem-high school but a college as well. I missed my teachers who were not there and Ms. Rosas who passed away already last year.


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