Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Our Rented Pickup Car

We were using my brother’s car whenever we need service car for our Sunday service, school occasions and some other functions that we used to bring car. Our car is still in our garage waiting for the mechanic to come to its rescue. Actually I have some buyers who wanted to buy the car but we never agreed on the price. When we used bro’s car last Monday on Josh graduation we were asked by SIL to bring it for emission testing because it’s due for yearly registration. They’re also looking for cheaper insurance quotes for their pickup. Anyway we really find bro’s pickup car very nice to use because it’s big and good even without air conditioning.

I want to share to you that two of my kids are having bad times when we ride on taxi cab. They don’t want the scent of the taxi and they complained it’s a mixture of different people’s scents, oh my! It’s really a problem to me as they prefer to ride in jeepney which I don’t like doing this summer season when I’m with the whole family because it’s hard to commute with many baggage. It’s really a blessing that big brother has two cars.


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