Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Space Saving Entertainment Center

The little boy has accidentally dropped our DVD player and the TV tuner was loosened also. I have with me two appliances for repair though the TV can still do with cable channels to my kids’ delight. Well the little boy is sad because he’s the one who is using the DVD often so we just let him watch movies on the other desktop computer. He’s happy enough now that he can have the other desktop all day before his siblings came home. It’s my sister’s PC and she only uses it at night. Now I’m searching for new cabinet style entertainment centers so I can place our TV, DVD and components in one place with enough protection and free from accident. I can also add up storage for my compact disc.

It’s very important to me to have a safe place for all the video and audio appliances in the house and it’s a space saver too if I can have the cabinet type. I just wish that my little boy wouldn’t be so hyperactive in playing so I will not have headaches in appliance repairs.


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