Friday, March 19, 2010

Mommy Moments - Field Trips

mommy moments

Its kinda late when I saw the theme this week. It's actually my second time to join this because I'm always busy to prepare my pics for the theme! Well I'm late again now but I really want to join this week because I want the theme!

Here are some of my little boy's pics on their recent field trips (though I've posted some pics on my other blogs).
At the Philippine Airforce
At BioresearchThe Dog & Cat MansionGold Fish PondButterfly GardenTractor

At Enchanted Kingdom where we stayed longEntranceWith EK CharactersAt the Carousel with tantalizing eyes :-)Following Ek Characters parade and show
At Bumbling Boulders

Actually I have more pics because I shot at every stop but it will be too long here :-) At Bioresearch itself I haven't posted a pic at the Honey Bees, Tree house, the Mini Zoo, the Cactus variety, the Mini Castle and a lot more especially at Enchanted Kingdom Amusement park where rides are at its best.

Know what? I only had a chance to ride in Carousel to assist Josh and in the Swan ride. Next time I'll ask my sis, hubby and my two girls to join us for more fun.

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Working Comfortably in My New Table

I’m happy with my new buys last month because I was able to get an office furniture for a very affordable price. It’s a pre-owned office table about 4 feet wide with 2 filing drawers and big enough to accommodate my PC desktop, my big monitor, my mobile and landline phones and some other peripherals. I’ve given up using my computer table because I can’t work comfortably.

With my new table I can place my books, notebooks and be able to rest my left arm while typing because I have all the space I want. It’s actually big if you only have a small office room, luckily we have enough space for it here in our house. So now I’m very comfortable with my new setup placing the new table outside the room where my PC used to be. It’s more convenient and I can accept visitors while doing my tasks because I placed it beside our extra sofa.


:Friday Fill-Ins #168 we go!

1. Today I will be scheduling my time wisely because I have to finish tons of work, no more window shopping for gadgets for now, no FB, no YM just twitter!

2. My friend offers to do a favor for me because I don't have time and I say why not? It's actually a big help to me since I have many work to be done right now.

3. What do you think of the bills next month? I think it'll be higher wahhh!

4. At Starbucks it’s free Pastry Day til 1030 Friday!

5. People say that what we’re all seeking is perfect love but for me more than anything we have to seek God in order to find true love.

6. The image I cherish most is my kids' pictures when they were just babies. Those are priceless.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I’m looking forward to finishing (hopefully) my tons of tasks ;) , tomorrow my plans include doing some house chores while getting some help from someone and Sunday, I want to forget my work and enjoy Sunday worship!


Only Soap and Water Maintenance

Summer brings vacation plans, break from schooling and plenty of outdoor activities for the family. It doesn’t end there as this season also causes a lot of skin disorders like skin rashes, sunburns, pimples, adult acne and some diseases like measles and all related skin sickness during summer.

It’s but natural especially for the teens to develop acne at this very hot temperature because the skin tends to be oily and dirty with the hot summer afternoon but developing it on adults can be a bit of a problem. Anyway I’m glad that with the use of a plain white soap and water I can avoid that to occur in my face. I’m blessed with a skin that requires no special attention. Ever since I’m a student I only have to maintain it with soap and water and that’s it. No expensive beauty regimen and rituals lol!


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