Friday, March 19, 2010

Only Soap and Water Maintenance

Summer brings vacation plans, break from schooling and plenty of outdoor activities for the family. It doesn’t end there as this season also causes a lot of skin disorders like skin rashes, sunburns, pimples, adult acne and some diseases like measles and all related skin sickness during summer.

It’s but natural especially for the teens to develop acne at this very hot temperature because the skin tends to be oily and dirty with the hot summer afternoon but developing it on adults can be a bit of a problem. Anyway I’m glad that with the use of a plain white soap and water I can avoid that to occur in my face. I’m blessed with a skin that requires no special attention. Ever since I’m a student I only have to maintain it with soap and water and that’s it. No expensive beauty regimen and rituals lol!


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