Sunday, October 28, 2012

Incontinence Products for Seniors

When adults reached senior age they encountered some sicknesses that change their daily and normal life. I’ve experienced this happening to my own father who at the age of 69 began feeling weakness in his knees and was unable to walk fast through the bathroom when he feels like having urine. 

He suffered mild stroke several years before that made his memory weak and after reaching late 60s he showed some signs of mild urinary incontinence. We didn’t made the condition harder for him by understanding him and telling him that it’s alright for us when sometimes he was not able to reach it successfully. We just told him that it’s better if he will use pads so it will be easier for him. 

Well it has made him more confident when he’s with pads because he never feels incapacitated and shy anymore. Way back then I remember myself going to supermarket who sells quality pads and came to like TENA’s best incontinence male pads because it’s drier and more comfortable to wear as told by my father. It also has a nice and secure fit that even if he’s wearing it he doesn’t feel awkward and I guess he’s gotten used to having it as days go by. 

It made his few remaining days valuable as we’ve seen those days with more time bonding with him than be distressed seeing him suffering discomfort with urinary incontinence. If your seniors are suffering the same discomfort you can visit for related articles, bed and bath safety products, healthcare supplies and tools that can help you make your elderly loved ones cope up independently and easily with ageing. Make them feel that they can grow old without feeling distressed.


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