Friday, April 30, 2010

Mommy Moments : Blue

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Ruth at 6 yrs. of age (she's turning 13 soon)
Gen at 4 yrs. old (she's 11 now)

The theme for this week is Blue and so I'm sharing here Ruth and Gen's pics in their preparatory school uniform when they were toddlers/little girls just the right age to match Josh age now. Of course they're all wearing blue.

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What Makes Them Happy

I should be sleeping early tonight as we have activity tomorrow. I’ll bring all my 3 kids to baby Iya’s baptism reception and later in the afternoon we’ll try to swim in the clubhouse big pool. If I’ll sleep late I will be forced to use some eye creams that work so I’d better rest now. The day brings so much pressure on me with regards to planning my time.

I was just glad that I was able to accomplish more than a dozen tasks and still had enough time to go shopping with my kids. We shopped for gifts, their slippers, sandals and did some grocering too. The kids were happy that way, few moments with me at the mall is enough to make them happy. And if that’s what makes them happy I should do it more often. I should leave my work and blog once or twice a week to stroll in the mall with them. That’s fine with me.


My 3rd Blog Anniversary

I had my 3rd year blogversary the other day and I couldn't believe that it's been three years now that I've been sharing my life and thoughts online. I remember not signing up to friendster or any kind of online account except email because I was afraid my privacy would be invaded. It was on that late summer afternoon last April 28, 2007 when I begun entering the exciting world of blogging.

My first blog Race Corner is a free-hosted one and still running up to now though not as active as my domain blogs. I kept it the way it was to preserve my memory of how simple blogging was. Now it's more complicated and advanced.I may say also that paid opportunities are much harder to grab and requirements are greater but I still love it, love every task that comes my way which reminds me always that God has provided me a way of working at home to be with my family. I had the courage to leave my regular stable job because I found my best job online. Well it's only a bonus as sharing your thoughts and meeting friends online is also one of the most satisfying hobbies.


Smile and Look Young

We’re living beside the national road and it benefit us to be near the road because we can go anywhere as fast as possible because you just cross the wide road and you can find all commuters’ vehicle passing by. If we’re going to the province we don’t need to cross the streets as we can hail the vehicle from where we stand outside our gate. But there’s a disadvantage also as when the candidates are campaigning you’ll hear the speaker and voices in an overly loud volume. If only I could make them lower their speaker volume I think I’ve already done it.

Anyway I should not think much about it or that can bring me wrinkles. If I stop thinking about it now I wouldn’t be needing prototype 37c which can remedy it. Oh well I should start on smiling more than frowning so I can stay young. So when the next batch of campaigns for their candidates passed by the road I will just see it then return to my post of duty.


:Friday Fill-Ins #174

pink and blue

1. I was busy preparing for our gifts to dear baby Iya for tomorrow's baptism in Antipolo.
2. So tired, sick and sleepy last night and I left my book on top of my PC table, I’ll have to return it to my book shelf . I don't want my books missing on my shelf.
3. Why does it have to be now that my PC is in trouble, I have plenty of tasks to do, I'm just lucky to have another PC that I can use also. Thanks to my sis.
4. Too many schedule of activities that needs to be planned and budgeted was in my thoughts today.
5. One of my father’s favorite sayings was one word is enough for the wise.
6. When you're in high temper, stop, take a deep breath, pray and try to relax –I know that feeling!
7. And as for the weekend, tonight I’m looking forward to staying up until DH arrives and try to sleep before midnight to be able to be alert, tomorrow my plans include going to Antipolo earlier to help in the arrangement of the reception and entertain early visitors, maybe we can include swimming in the clubhouse as well and Sunday, I want to forget my work and just concentrate on our fellowship service!


Finding Long-Lost Friends

I was glad that I was finding my old friends in school in a fast growing site. Upon finding one former classmate I would find another and became busy looking for my whole group in college. It was worth the time as I found my long lost friends there. The feeling is mutual as my friends said to me because they were also looking for me. Had they known that I’m an active blogger they would have found me even in search engine sites only? Well I have noticed that many of us would be needing diet pills in the future because we’re on the same weight rankings lol! Oh well that’s to be blame on metabolism as it slows burning of excess fats.

At least many of us have the same young look as we just bloomed and got bigger but maintained the young-at heart attitude! We’re not going to be old if we stay like we used to be. Happy people stay younger than those who chose to be so serious. Just my thoughts.


Keep your Face Clean Always

Yesterday was a blessing as it rained heavily during the night wiping off the dusty environment and gave us a cooler temperature for sleeping. It’s been two months of too much high temperature that some people developed acne, skin rashes and allergies. I was even asked by my cousin to look into acneticin review to get the best solution for her son’s acne. Summer heat can really bring that acne unto the young teenagers’ faces but if you know how to take care of your skin you’ll prevent some damages on your face. Maintaining a clean face devoid of any makeup can help to be acne-free so start cleaning your face the proper way to prevent the acne from occurring.


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