Friday, April 30, 2010

Smile and Look Young

We’re living beside the national road and it benefit us to be near the road because we can go anywhere as fast as possible because you just cross the wide road and you can find all commuters’ vehicle passing by. If we’re going to the province we don’t need to cross the streets as we can hail the vehicle from where we stand outside our gate. But there’s a disadvantage also as when the candidates are campaigning you’ll hear the speaker and voices in an overly loud volume. If only I could make them lower their speaker volume I think I’ve already done it.

Anyway I should not think much about it or that can bring me wrinkles. If I stop thinking about it now I wouldn’t be needing prototype 37c which can remedy it. Oh well I should start on smiling more than frowning so I can stay young. So when the next batch of campaigns for their candidates passed by the road I will just see it then return to my post of duty.


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