Friday, July 30, 2010

Stylish Accessories for Your Car

When you have a car of your own you’ll be relieved from the stressful hiring of cab. For the past couple of weeks we’re not using my brother’s car and we’re always hiring a cab to go to church every Sunday. Actually it’s really convenient riding in a taxi but sometimes the meter is tampered and even if you complained you’ll still pay the driver. When we’re going home from our church service we find it hard to hire a cab when we say the destination, it seems that our place is too far then the motive of the driver is to request an additional fare aside from the automatic flag down rate plus the meter reading. Well that’s too much and illegal but where will you complain, as they say if you can’t bear it don’t hire.

Anyway I miss our Nissan car which was heavily damaged last year by the big flood that hit the country. Even if it’s not the latest model we love and cares for it just like another member of our family. When we’re at the mall we look for accessories that would make it look nice. You know accessories can give your car a unique distinctive look and style so choosing the right nissan accessories for your Nissan car is necessary. Well if you really want the right accessories for your type of car you can visit and search for your needed automotive accessories. They offer both interior and exterior so have your choice now!


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