Saturday, March 6, 2010

PH#203 : Foreign (Countries)

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This is one of the things present in preparatory school room and this is where the teacher points out the FOREIGN countries present in the globe. Here the students can see the map of North & South America, United Kingdom, Europe countries, Asia, Australia and other FOREIGN countries. It has many uses when studying the globe, continents, countries, cities and everything about the different parts of the world.

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Job Opportunities

It’s the graduation month and I have two graduating students here in our house but they’re only graduating from preparatory and another one in elementary. Still I’m so busy with looking and searching for appropriate schools for them. I’m done with my eldest and she has already passed the entrance exam and for my little boy I’m just waiting for some requirements needed for the entrance exam. Well for those who graduated from college it’s one of the most fulfilling moments in their lives as they’re slowly reaching out for their dreams.

Every graduate has dreamed of landing a good job that will give them an opportunity to earn money and help their families. Some wanted to look for a job here but others who have higher ambitions want to try their luck on international employment like jobs in Philadelphia where they can reach their dreams of having a good-paying job. Some get lucky when they heed the call for getting a job somewhere far and across the globe. But others find themselves risking their lives by working on dangerous countries where there’s war. It’s good to dream and aim high but with limitations on the safety of your job location. Remember that John’s luck may not be lucky for Peter. It means that we have different talents, skills and wisdom and we should be able to accept the blessings that came our way. We should be happy for those who succeeded in their career and thank God for the smallest of blessings that we receive everyday.


Saturday 9: Your Smiling Face

1. No matter what's going on in your life, what always makes you smile? my kids especially when my lil boy have funny antics

2. What's the biggest lie you've ever told? That my boss is right :-)

3. Do you hold a grudge? Not now, I always pray to God to cast away anger from me and learn to forgive people who have done me wrong.

4. What is the worst job you've ever had? My last job and it's also the best, well I have my reasons for saying it but it's too confidential!

5. What would be your dream job? To be a writer or a chemist. It was fulfilled now because I'm writing for my six blogs and I'm a chemist with regards to cooking, sounds logical?

6. What is the happiest event you've experienced? my wedding and my 3 birth deliveries

7. What is the saddest thing you've experienced? When a friend out of job jealousy stabbed me in the back, told unreal bad things about me just to get the attention of my boss, it happened in my first office job. No one believed her except one and that's her friend.

8. Do you tend to exaggerate or underestimate? sometimes i exaggerate things when i try to crack a joke on my kids because they love it and they tell me that I'm 'makulit'

9. List the cars that you have owned. Give us just a few words about each one. I only own one car and it's an old model Nissan Sentra white car.


Comfort and Ease of Using Ceiling Fans

It’s very hot and humid today so I chose to stay inside the house. I intend to go to SSS to update my employment status from employed to self-employed. But I finished my work at 5am early this morning and when I woke up at 7:30 pm I feel really lazy to go out. My kids wouldn’t let the fan be turned off and every area in the house should at least have its own fan. I surmised that it would be more comfortable to have ceiling fans in the living and dining room for more ease and comfort. It will not occupy extra space and it won’t be blocking any space. I should get quotations from DH’s company store so I can figure out the size, style and features. I reckon it would be a longer summer season that we’ll be expecting since it started this March and will probably end before the month of June.


Some Relevance

My printer is down and I need a scanner because one client needs my signature on the agreement emailed back to them. I was heading for my friend’s internet cafĂ© when my cousin offered her pc, printer and scanner to me. I was relieved that I will just cross the street and walk some meters instead of going to another town. Anyway I don’t want to go there in my friend’s shop and just stay for a little time. When I go to Bes’ place I want to stay just a little bit longer for some chikkas, fun and laughters. We’re like in high school days the only difference is that we talk of blogs instead of our subjects in math, we talk of assignments in companies that we write for instead of assignment in school. Quite some relevance don’t you think?


Need to Get Back to Diet Meals

I noticed that after 2 months of not taking herbal tea my tummy becomes noticeably bigger again. I also eat rice in the evening because I have many tasks to do at night and I feel dizzy working without a full meal. So now I’m back with a big tummy after slimming down a bit last December. If only I can rest in the evening I will not be also compelled to eat a full dinner. Now I’ve been reading review about diet plan, meals and treatment when I saw adipex reviews which is known to be effective but with caution to patients. It can be bought also through doctor’s prescription only.

Anyway I’ve drafted some lists of what I supposed to eat at night as I can’t sacrifice my breakfast and lunch meals; I need them to stay alert and awake while writing some posts. This weather makes me sleepy always and the only way to keep me awake is to eat and drink cold water.


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