Saturday, March 6, 2010

Job Opportunities

It’s the graduation month and I have two graduating students here in our house but they’re only graduating from preparatory and another one in elementary. Still I’m so busy with looking and searching for appropriate schools for them. I’m done with my eldest and she has already passed the entrance exam and for my little boy I’m just waiting for some requirements needed for the entrance exam. Well for those who graduated from college it’s one of the most fulfilling moments in their lives as they’re slowly reaching out for their dreams.

Every graduate has dreamed of landing a good job that will give them an opportunity to earn money and help their families. Some wanted to look for a job here but others who have higher ambitions want to try their luck on international employment like jobs in Philadelphia where they can reach their dreams of having a good-paying job. Some get lucky when they heed the call for getting a job somewhere far and across the globe. But others find themselves risking their lives by working on dangerous countries where there’s war. It’s good to dream and aim high but with limitations on the safety of your job location. Remember that John’s luck may not be lucky for Peter. It means that we have different talents, skills and wisdom and we should be able to accept the blessings that came our way. We should be happy for those who succeeded in their career and thank God for the smallest of blessings that we receive everyday.


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