Monday, January 30, 2023

Saving for the Rainy Days

With the changing of the year it somehow brings a promise of a better future for those who went through so much hardship during the years that COVID-19 lurked over people all over the world. The great pandemic knows no race, religion, country and status in life as it affected not only our physical health but our financial aspects as well leaving all in surprise and wonder what tomorrow may bring. People from all walks of life, rich and poor alike experienced the adversity brought about by health dangers and financial losses. Many were orphaned, some battled depression while others faced financial crisis. 

With these things in mind I can say that there are also advantages on the other side as it also brought us nearer to God and people realized how they should live their lives. It taught us how to give importance to our family and set priorities on the things that we really need most. The lockdowns made us realized that nothing is permanent and we should save for the rainy days when you’ll have to deal with living with no regular salaries and just have to spend on basic necessities with little money you have. 

With the impacts brought about by inflation I learned to expand my horizon not just relying on my corporate job but decided to start a new mini grocery retail business catering to the families inside our little community inside a big compound. The crisis taught me how to save money for the future and learned how to take advantage of the new trends in technology like online shopping where I enjoy using discount coupon codes. To minimize exposure to people I only ordered my products from my suppliers online and have it delivered to my home with lots of freebies and good deals from them. Now my business is more than two years and giving us enough to cover some of our home expenses so I got to save more from my regular corporate job. My kids are also learning how to earn money through effort and patience in managing small business. 

Even though inflation is really high we were able to cope with our finances. I also saved in our company’s cooperative and in a government agency savings fund where I deposited some of my earned money and will earn me dividends after a couple of years. All of these are just small earnings but it gives me satisfaction that I’m managing my money wisely. Saving  money is one of the things that pandemic taught me and prioritizing the basic things in life to spend your hard-earned money. 

I read a lot and watch videos on managing finances, investing and got to browse where I learned to calculate interest and estimated how much I can get if I save a certain amount of money. I also found myself calculating compound savings with online calculators that are available for anyone who wants to know the possible interest you will get from your saved money. It’s easy and enjoyable. Always remember that educating yourself on handling finances will help you a lot in saving for the future. You must try it too and I’m sure you’ll start saving too.


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