Monday, July 13, 2009

:Today's Flowers #48

I don't know the name of this flower, I just love its vivid color of tangerine. At first glance I thought it's from the family of Hibiscus but on closer look I found that its leaves are different and also the shape of the petals. This shot was taken in Nabas, Aklan together with my previous today's flowers' entries here. I've got plenty of shots from this town's rich soil.

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Online Auctions

I love shopping but sometimes I’m a whimsical shopper. I don’t shop often but when I shop I buy plenty that’s good for many occasions. Now that I have three kids I normally shop for them on some occasions like school openings, birthdays, special school activities, camp fellowships and all the regular holidays of the year. It’s different when you have kids of your own you always think of them whenever you see nice clothes, shoes, toys and other kids stuff.

Since I’m always on the net I frequently visit sites that offer online shopping and there I found something that would help those who love shopping. I can now shop for less with the help of online auctions which gives me lesser price for the things I want for myself and my family. Actually I really love going to auctions but since I don’t have plenty of time I stopped from going. Now it’s easier since it’s online and I can do this in the comfort and convenience of my own home.


I'm Happy!

Well it’s the start of my last week in my work and I can’t contain my excitement that every time I passed our building guard I count to him the days that I’ll be staying in the office. He would smile at me and just nod understanding my happiness that finally I was approaching my last days of working in my 16-year old job. Actually I’ve got plenty of things to do before I finally bid goodbye as I’m going to finalize packing various boxes of my old documents and files. I hope I’ll be able to concentrate on it now because last week my boss asked me to register a new business in one of the license giving agencies. I’m just waiting approval for it and will be finishing it soon.


Moving Out

It’s the first day of the working week again and I’m glad it’s gonna be my last week or working in office and I’ll start working at home soon. And because it’s Monday again I’m expecting heavy traffic along Ortigas Avenue especially now that rain is starting to fall as early as 6 in the morning.

Some of my friends who can’t bear the everyday traffic going to office transferred to another location outside our area to prevent themselves from getting late. I even know one family who moved out of their house to live near their working place. It’s hard to change house location as you’ll have to move everything and hire someone who will do it for you. Here in the Philippines some uses trucking to move appliances but in some countries like in New York they hire the services of moving companies New York to help them with their long distance move and you can ask for quotation to compare prices before you sign up in moving.

Transferring to another place can be a little daunting at first but exciting as well. You’ll get to meet new friends and opens your horizon to a new way of life. For me it gives new hope and progress. No need to worry as it all depends on your outlook in life.


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