Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Do you Need to Hire a Professional for Bathroom Re-modelling

Every year millions of homeowners will consider whether to have their bathrooms re-modeled or to simply leave them as they have been for all those months or even years gone by. Bathroom re-modelling is a task that should not be taken lightly and also a cost that should be budgeted for.  Once a homeowner determines how much they are willing to spend and then discovers the actual cost of the project, some components of the remodel will need to be eliminated or changed significantly to come in line with the budgeted dollars. One question often asked by homeowners looking for cost savings in their renovation project plans is "Do you need to hire a professional for bathroom re-modelling?"

The Internet: A Useful Resource
Looking at both sides of this argument we must first be in favor of a bathroom professional right? To go against the use of professionals would suggest the do-it-yourself mums and dads of this world who are doing their own home renovations are just as capable as the qualified professionals. How might they be just as capable? One suggestion is that the internet is such a useful resource that provides clearly written manuals that are easily accessible, which indeed help guide the novice to attain the bathroom they desire.

Safety Wise
One specific concern when doing it yourself is the possible risk of injury. There are a number of hazards in the bathroom that can cause both minor and major injuries. Professionals get injured too so to reduce the risk a homeowner should become safety wise. Things such as getting familiar with the task ahead is useful, for example watching videos on what to do or reading manuals and books available on the particular task at hand.

Every Penny Counts
The case against using a professional is mainly the associated financial costs. When the cost of a project is too large then some corners need to be cut. Typically laborers and advice providers are the first to be eliminated from the budget expense line when things are proving too costly. For those who do struggle with the costs associated with remodelling a bathroom, the desire is still there to enjoy an updated bathroom and hence the Do-It-Yourselfer bug takes hold.

Another reason why do-it-yourself (DIY) can be enjoyable and successful is because the internet is awash with ideas on how to improve bathroom design. Suppliers are aware of the DIY demand and encourage DIY mums and dads to keep their enthusiasm going with simple ideas and packages for you to mix and match the materials.

As you can see, costs are the main reason why people don't want to engage outside help such as laborers, but there are a number of other reasons for hiring and not hiring a professional to complete the bathroom remodeling project that you so desire. Improvements to your bathroom can add value to your home at the same time as bringing you much enjoyment each day. The thing to remember is that costs can be too high if you don't prepare well so ensure you know where every dollar is going to go to.


Perfect Outdoor Signage for Your Business

Priority Sign, in business since 1997, is an employee owned company that values honest, integrity and transparency. They believe the client relationship is a partnership where accountability and project management get top billing. In their 350,000 square feet of manufacturing space, which is spread out across the country, they complete more than 10,000 projects a year. 

They can help you create the perfect outdoor signage for your business whether you are starting from scratch or already have an established logo you want to use. Their design team specializes in signs depending on size, location and use. They will construct a prototype for you to see and approve before going live with the project, so you know exactly what to expect. 

Working together with their own production plant and other manufactures, Priority Signs can keep costs lower and make sure materials and techniques used are ecofriendly. They only go with vendors who meet very specific qualifications and bid competitively. Priority Sign offers a wide variety of types including but not limited to: Neon signs, channel letters, wall-mounted signs, outdoor signs, back-lighted signs, digital signs, electronic message units, and energy-efficient LED signs. 

Installation of your sign will be done by locally licensed, pre-qualified and bonded installers. They must meet Priority Sign qualifications and are graded on every job so that it is known they continue to meet the strict standards and requirements. Project management will make sure all the proper permits and zoning has been taken care of before the installation so the actual process should be stress free.


Energy Efficient Replacement Light Bulbs

Genesislamp.com is an online company that sells compact fluorescent lamps and other products. Genesis Lamp prides itself on its ability to provide a service that makes the ordering of light bulbs a simple and efficient system. The company wants those ordered light bulbs to be delivered to the customer in record time. It doesn't matter what type of light bulb is needed, the company will find it for the customer. Whether you need halogen bulbs for a large commercial project, metal halide bulbs for a parking lot or just the right decorative bulbs for a chandelier, Genesislamp offer you the best choice for all of your light bulb needs, and they can do it all online. 

The experts at Genesis Lamp have been in the lighting business for over 30 years. One of the secrets for the success of this operation is the massive amount of inventory that is maintained and is ready to ship. Genesis Lamp is proud of its large and unparalleled selection of replacement light bulbs. These come to the company from the world's most respected companies. Furthermore, Genesis Lanp buys from a manufacturer that has a complete line of FAA-compliant and regulation aviation light bulbs. From energy-efficient home and office light bulbs to highly-specialized commercial applications, customers may expect that Genesis will find the appropriate light bulb technology for the latest in light bulb technology at a great price. In addition, satisfaction is quaranteed.


The Backpack Umbrella

Source: hammacher.com via Race on Pinterest

For smart Moms who find it hard to carry all bags when you need to use your umbrella.  This is actually my usual problem when I shop for my family's foodies.  I love shopping for my kids’ fave foodies that I will realize later that I don’t have a car and I will only commute so I’ll have to walk to where the fx taxi is located.  

When I have plenty of shopping bags with goods and it suddenly rains out of the blue I will not worry anymore if I can handle my bags and still be protected from the rain as well.  This is a smart idea and kind of stylish too.  Look at the model here how she fashionably carries her bag and wear the knapsack with the umbrella.


TMJ Dentistry

The temporomandibular joint (TMJ) is part of the jaw that acts as a hinge connecting the lower jaw to the skull at the temporal bone. When the jaw, TMJ, or surrounding area are hurt or damaged people may suffer from TMD, or temporomandibular disorders. These disorders can be painful and cause the mouth and teeth to become out of alignment and painful too. A TMJ dentist in Richmond TX is specially trained to perform neuromuscular dentistry. This is a remarkable form of dentistry that allows the dentist to track the movement of a patients jaw. A jaw that is not functioning normally is likely to cause pain and discomfort. Not only the mouth and teeth are painful, but possibly the head, neck and ears are too. 

When the TMJ dentist is able to pinpoint the cause of the jaw misaligning, they can determine how to treat the patient. This is fantastic news for those who suffer from jaw pain and disorders. Doctor Mac Lee has studied TMJ dentistry. He is highly trained to treat patients who suffer from jaw disorders. Patients will receive the best care using the most recent technology. Sedation dentistry is available for patients who are feeling anxious, and of course for those needing any form of extensive dental work done. Anyone suffering from jaw pain would be wise to make an appointment and consult with Doctor Mac Lee as soon as possible.


Monday, April 29, 2013

Make Your Moving Hassle-Free

Moving to another location is such a tasking work as you have to sort out everything and discard the items that you don’t need. It’s the discarding of items that I don’t want to do because I always love having my old things and collects them like precious jewelries. Well it’s nice that we’re not moving to another location because it means that I also have to pack all our things from smallest to biggest and unpack them again when we get to our destination. 

It shouldn’t be that hard if you will hire professional packing services that will do the packing of items for you and will free you from such an exhausting work. There are hourly rate for partial packing service plus the cost of materials they would be using for the work. Bye Bye Moving offers its movers hull to help you with all your moving requirements whether it’s a single piece of furniture or your whole house. 

Residential moving is an specialization of ottawa movers and they do their job with utmost safety. They protect the items with thick padded moving blankets during the moving until they have placed everything in order. The fragile possessions are wrapped and boxed to ensure that they will be delivered at its best. So if you’re living in Ottawa make your moving simple and economical visit them for quotation of prices and quotes.


Top 7 Bathroom Safety Tips for Seniors

Bathrooms, much like kitchens, can quickly become dangerous for seniors, since there is a high likelihood of having an accident in this room. As you grow older, walking may become more difficult and balance may not be at its best anymore. The good news is that you can take some easy measures to make your bathroom a safer place for seniors. Here are some of the top bathroom safety tips to begin using within your own bathroom to improve your safety.

Tip #1 – Add a Shower Bench or Chair
If you feel a bit unstable in the shower or the bathtub, a shower bench or chair can be a great way to make your bathroom a bit safer. Make sure that the bench or chair is secure so you don’t slip off it while you are in the shower. This allows you to sit down while showering, reducing the likelihood of a fall.

Tip #2 – Install a Nightlight
When you need to use the bathroom at night, entering a dark bathroom is an accident waiting to happen. Installing a nightlight is an excellent idea, giving you plenty of light when you need to head to the bathroom at night. It’s also a good idea to add a nightlight to your hallway if you have to go down the hall to use the restroom.
Tip #3 – Don’t Grab Towel Bars
When you’re having a bit of trouble steadying yourself, don’t grab the towel bars in your bathroom. These bars may not hold your weight and could lead to a fall. Instead, it’s a better idea to install quality grab bars at different places within the bathroom. Look for options that are installed correctly and designed to hold a person’s body weight.

Tip #4 – Eliminate Items that May Trip You
Falling is one of the top accidents that happens in a bathroom. To help avoid falls, eliminate any items that may trip you while you are in the restroom. For example, consider removing any rugs that bunch up, since they may become tripping hazards. If you want rugs in the bathroom, look for non-skid rugs that won’t move when you step on them. Make sure cords and other items are out of the way so you don’t trip over them as well.

Tip #5 – Wear Non-Skid Footwear
Sure, you can place non-skid rugs, mats and decals around the bathroom, but this doesn’t mean you won’t find a slipper spot somewhere else on the floor. For this reason, it’s a good idea to wear non-skid footwear while you are in the bathroom. Non-skid socks or slippers make great options that will help keep you from slipping.

Tip #6 – Raise the Toilet Seat
Add a raised toilet seat to your toilet or purchase some other device that helps to raise your toilet seat. If the toilet seat is too low, you could be trying to go down too far when you sit down, which could result in a fall. Simply elevating the seat can make a huge difference.

Tip #7 – Consider a Medical Alert System
Unfortunately, when individuals fall in the bathroom, there may not be someone around to help. If you live on your own, a medical alert system may be an excellent idea. This way you get help if you do have an accident while in the bathroom.


Sunday, April 28, 2013

Creating Green Space in Your Homes and Commercial Buildings

In these times of high-rise modern buildings we often see in business districts we sometimes miss the beautiful scenery brought about by the old low-storey buildings surrounded by green environment. Because of the increasing business development in the corporate world I have observed that commercial buildings are getting higher and higher like the building beside my own place of work. There’s no room for trees and landscapes are usually done on the front areas only. These are the trend of the times and I fear for the time that there will be no space for the green environment. 

Well I’m glad to find that there are companies like  couvreur montréal who strives to find solutions to create green spaces amidst the busy business district areas. They provide green roofing options to add a relaxing green space for the people and to also create additional living space. By doing so it doubles the life expectancy of the roof, provides a roof garden, decreases heat islands, filters rainwater, reduces greenhouse gases and a lot more. 

Vert Toit MTL, a  toiture montreal provider that offers green roof, white roof and sealing adopted a new innovation in roofing that helps the environment and creates not just space functionality but green environment as well. They also provide roofing services for houses, terraces, spas and gardens in an environment friendly service that’s beneficial to all. Enjoy a different living space in your homes or at the top of your office buildings.


Saturday, April 27, 2013

Benefits of Name Labels on Your Kids

I have three kids and throughout their first schooling years I did a lot of techniques on how to keep their things in order and intact. In the kid’s first years of going to school they don’t know how to keep their things all to themselves because their attention is devoted to their first teacher, their new school friends and on the new activities they are being introduced to. I’ve watched how my kids dealt with their first days and weeks in school and I saw how excited they were in learning new experiences. 

Anyway I know how Moms like me are concern with their kids’ belongings like pencils, pencil case, lunch box, crayons and other things that they bring to school. It’s a common thing for these young school kids to miss their crayons or pencils when their things fall on the ground and they didn’t notice them. How many times that my youngest son would go home without his pencils which has become a common occurrence for us. 

With all these problems with missing school things I’ve learned to solve it by making a distinctive mark that will help my kids identify their own thing when mixed with other things of their classmates. Making name labels for kids seem to be the only solution for this problem because it paves the way for others to identify your things and when found by others they will know where and whom they will return it. It will save you money too because all your kid’s belongings will just come back everytime they lost it. 

Every year I made it a point to make not just ordinary name labels for my kids but distinctive ones also. I make beautiful name labels with some pictures or images also on some of their things except for the books and notebooks which has a standard pattern requested by the teachers. In doing these labels you’ll be spared from worrying about lost items and will teach our kids also on how they will be able to protect their things and look for them when they’ve lost it. They will just look for their name labels attached on the items and they will be able to identify it fast and easy.


Friday, April 26, 2013

Haymore Endodontics for Your Dental Health

Caring for your teeth is both vital and beneficial because when you have healthy teeth it will help you also in having a healthy body. Obviously it’s the part of our body which helps us chew what we eat and lack of it would greatly affect our appetite in food. I’ve observed that even the toughest men can be weak if his teeth have problems. It’s one of the body parts that make us weak when not in proper healthy condition. I remember losing some pounds when I had some pain in aligning my teeth. At first I can’t eat properly and took me a while before I began to eat normally again. 

We never had false teeth among my siblings because we took care of our teeth since we were young and we’re lucky because many procedures done on damaged teeth are really expensive. I have a dentist cousin who provides me with free services when I need retainers or some other dental requirements so I was able to afford having my teeth aligned without so much cost on my part. Now after giving birth to 3 kids my teeth were not good anymore because of the calcium deficiency and I need to go over some dental procedures to restore its good health and look. I need to have some fillings and realignment before I can proceed to having fixed bridge or veneer. I’m saving for these procedures because I put high importance in my dental health. 

When you want a perfect set of teeth which is both healthy and beautiful you need to have a good doctor to diagnose and treat you professionally like Henderson dentist to bring back that radiant smile of yours. They can help you with your dental problems especially with your endodontic problems because they specialize in this field. They can be reached easily as fast as making an appointment in 30 seconds when you’re living in Las Vegas and Henderson. 

If you have a need for dentist to treat your tooth pain, root canal las vegas  perhaps or complete endodontic surgery you can count on them to give you emergency appointments. If you’re worried about the sudden splurge of expenses they can give you dental financing too. So easy, convenient and affordable on your budget too. Remember that it’s always good to have a procedure than having your tooth removed because it can affect your bite, your health and your self-esteem too. You will also be spared of expensive implants if you will retain your teeth and just have a root canal therapy if the need arises. Take care of your teeth and you’ll have the perfect smile you always want.


Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Josh' Recognition Day

After ten months of studying hard and giving all his efforts in all their activities in class my little boy made it to the top.  It's hard to be on the top of their class because they're all good and the school choose only 3 per grade level to include in their recognition rite.  This year they've picked up 6 in Josh' class to give medals and certificates to recognize the students' best endeavor not just in examinations but in all of their school programs and extra curricular activities.

My son is very happy with the announcement that he'll be included in the ceremony for the honor students and he's so excited with their mini play and presentation.  He whispered to me that he'll be more attentive and diligent next school year so he'll be in the top 3.  For me with or without honor I'll still be proud of my son.  He'll always be the top student for me :-)

With their School Principal
With Teacher Gina

With fellow honor students


Good Flooring Options for Your Homes

It’s summer time and school break for my kids which makes my schedule more convenient for any plan I have in mind. Every summer I always schedule home repairs and renovation so I could monitor it more closely and even if I have office work I could delegate some things on my teenage daughters like food for the workers and some other things connected to home arrangement. 

Last year we had our kitchen renovated to accommodate more appliances and to replace our old tiles. The budget was just enough for the kitchen upper tiles and cabinets that the flooring were left to its old flooring. Now I’m planning to complete the renovation by planning new flooring in the kitchen area which is not that big anyway.  It would be perfect if my plan would push through because we also had complete floor replacement in our living and dining room several months back. 

Changing our flooring somehow added a more polished look on our house and created a fresher ambiance because of the light green-colored tiles we installed in the flooring. It did a lot for the house just like what  Chandler AZ flooring could also do with your homes. They offer wide array of flooring options to create a certain style and good ambiance for your home. You could choose carpet, tile, hardwood, vinyl or laminate whichever is suited for your kind of lifestyle and budget.


Tuesday, April 23, 2013

5 Ways to Encourage Kids to Help Out With the Chores

Kids just want to have fun! Of course that’s only natural, as having fun is a major part of childhood. Days filled with play, exploration and creative activities can all stimulate a child’s mind, which is a very important part of a child’s development. However, it is also important to teach children from a young age to be responsible. One way to do this is to encourage them to do their chores. From a very young age, toddlers can be encouraged to put away their toys. At this young age, a big toy box where little ones can put their toys in is ideal. Taking time out to teach them this can make your child more responsible as they grow up. It is also important to give them plenty of encouragement to nurture responsibility.


Use a chart

It is important that they have a routine, so chores listed on a calendar or chart will ensure they understand what their responsibilities are. If the chores are completed satisfactorily on the correct date, a sticker can be placed over that chore. When a certain amount of stickers have been reached, perhaps a small reward would be appropriate. Select something that will encourage your child to enjoy doing chores, such as a play date, extra pocket money, a special food treat, rent a movie or anything that your child particularly likes.


Make chores fun

Even adults know that chores are easier to do with some music on! Let your child choose what music to play while doing their chores. Crank up the music, sing along and time will pass quickly. This is a great idea for older children.


Set time limits

Give them a chore to complete in say, 20 minutes. If it is not done in the time requested, they will have to go to bed early. If the chore is done in the time allocated, they can be rewarded by going to bed a bit later. There are many incentives you can use.


Choose their own reward

Have a list of suitable rewards, such as going to the park, renting a DVD or staying up a bit later. When chores have been completed satisfactorily, let your child select a reward from the list. This will give them something to think about whilst doing their chores and is quite an exciting reward for younger children.


An allowance

Children should have certain chores they do daily. However, if you wish them to do something extra, perhaps you could encourage them with extra money in their allowance. This is a good way to make children understand there are occasions where they will have to work for their money. Many family arguments will be had over doing chores. For parents, this can be an extremely frustrating time. You may get tired of hearing yourself repeat the same thing over and over. Young children love rewards, and something as simple as stickers can work remarkably well at encouraging the task of doing chores. As an adult, you do your chores simply because they have to be done. You have been doing the same tedious tasks for years and years, so from a child’s viewpoint, chores are simply boring. It is important for children to understand that every family member has to do chores; no one is exempt.


Monday, April 22, 2013

Gen's Recognition Day

Took my leave from office to attend my daughter's recognition day.  Last year she got the Best in Music award and since she got very good grades she was transferred to cream section together with 2 of her classmates.  She was actually telling me at the start of the school year that she's not that sure to get into the top 5 because all of her classmates are as good as her.  

I told her that when everyone has the knowledge and capabilities it's perseverance that will take you to have the top position.  And even if she will not make it to the top 5 I'll still be proud of her. Now after 10 months of trying to give her best on all school activities, programs and examinations she did it again and got the top 5 honor and Best in TLE award.  This girl who dreamt of collecting medals since she was 3 years old added 2 again on her collection.  Of course we're proud of her but with or without medals we'll still be proud and happy for her because she did her best.


4 Cake Ideas For Your Child's Next Birthday

The most important part of any child's birthday is the cake. Depending on the theme, there are many creative ideas, from ice cream cakes to themed cakes, which will make the event special and memorable. Here is a look at four cake ideas that will make any child happy.


Castle Cake

A castle cake is perfect for a young girl's princess party. It is an extremely easy cake to make with only a few ingredients. The cake begins as a traditional double layer square. A person can use an 8 X 8 inch pan. The exterior of the cake is frosted with any icing flavor. The top of the cake is decorated with a few upside down ice cream cones. These cones can be dipped in melted chocolate or frosted with icing and rolled in sprinkles. Various candy pieces can be used to make the cake appear like a building with windows and a door. A drawbridge can be made with a graham cracker.


Basketball Cake For The Sport's Enthusiast

Most little boys love sports. This birthday cake will be perfect for any child who loves to play ball. The best part is that this cake can be decorated for any sport that uses a round ball. A person can take a round, oven safe bowl and bake a normal cake inside. Two of these cakes can be joined to form a giant ball. The end result can be decorated like a soccer ball, tennis ball, basketball, or baseball. It may take some imagination, but the cake will make a great centrepiece.


Ice Cream Cone Cupcakes

When a child's birthday falls in the summer, a great theme would be an ice cream party. Instead of opting for one large birthday cake, some children prefer the idea of individual servings. A fun idea is to make ice cream cone cupcakes. Most children will love eating cake from a cone and not a pate. These items are simple to make and can be personalized for every child.

A person prepares a boxed mix and lines a muffin tin with ice cream cones. Each cone is filled two-thirds full. The tin is carefully carried to the oven and baked as directed. When finished, the cupcakes are removed until fully cooled. The tops are frosted. Each child can decorate his or her own cupcake with sprinkles or other candy pieces.


Building Block Cake

This is a great idea for any child who loves to play with Lego blocks. A person bakes a normal rectangular cake and cools it until it can be removed from the pan. The cake is cut into small squares and rectangles. Each piece is iced with a different color and topped with M&M's of the same color. This makes each piece look like a Lego block. When finished, the cake is reassembled like a puzzle back into a rectangle and served. Each child can enjoy an individual block.

Getting creative for a child's birthday can be fun. For a memorable party, it is always wise to make a unique cake. The above ideas are just a few ways to make the day special. In the end, the child will appreciate the fact that the cake was made with love.

Mandy is a stay-at-home mum with 2 children in primary school, in her past time she loves to garden, travel, bake and write blogs for other stay at home mums or just anyone who is interested in arts and crafts ideas.


Friday, April 19, 2013

Keeping Up with Beautiful Smile

I’ve always like looking at people with nice smile because it makes them beautiful. A pretty face can never smile so beautifully without even perfect teeth. Well having healthy and even teeth can be achieved through proper maintenance and care. When you want to have it you should have a dentist to help you keep up with the proper caring of your teeth. Those people whose work involves speaking and appearing in television like newscaster and celebrities need to have it so people will find them nice to look at and watch. 

It would be awkward and not pleasing if the people who give you the current news in the TV or the one you’re seeing on your favorite show would show up with chipped, misaligned or uneven-spaced teeth. Well I’ve seen them all and they all look good on TV because they take care of their teeth like their job. They should come up with the expectations of people watching them so they can get the best viewership. I know that they have someone like  dentist montreal who takes care of their teeth regularly and see to it that every imperfection should be handled with meticulous treatment and care.

If you’re living in Montreal or nearby that place you will not worry about finding a good dentist to check, treat and maintain your teeth because  montreal dentist will take care of all your dental requirements. You will have to trust them to give you the best dental solutions for your specific requirements like teeth whitening, invisalign, dental implants, veneers, fillings, regular cleanings, cosmetic dentistry and some other dental needs.


Thursday, April 18, 2013

Value of the Moments

Source: instagr.am via Race on Pinterest

This is very true when it comes to family's moments dedicated to our children. As we were blessed with three lovable kids we always value their childhood moments as very precious to us thinking that they could never be kids forever and when the time came that they're grownups already those moments will never happen again and will just be treasured as special memories. 

Sometimes people don't value the special simple things that happen to them in their daily living and realize only that they're precious when time goes by and all that was left are memories. It's the same as photographs taken in the past, we value those photos that remind us of our happy days in the past and the more it's old the more it's precious.


Monday, April 15, 2013

Residential and Commercial Relocation Solutions

People move or relocate for various reasons and objectives. Sometimes a transfer is the ultimate solutions when we want a drastic change in our life or if we want to escape from a bad community or not so good past. It’s always a welcome to try something new, a new job, a new place, new friends and new environment to live at. Whatever reason you may have in moving I’m sure that you’re settling for a better opportunity or heading on to the place with greener pastures as they say. With all these things I learned from people who have transferred to another place at least once in their life I know now that moving should be carefully decided and planned. 

I have experienced moving when I was child when we transferred from the province to my father’s town near the city. It wasn’t so hard on those days but emotionally it was quite sad. We had to move then because my father’s work is in his town and going home to province every midweek and weekends is exhausting. We also want to be with him every day so my parents decided that we moved to the new house near the city. I was sad because we left Granny in the province because she wants to stay in her hometown. 

Well whatever relocation you may have in mind like long distance moving, residential or commercial you can make it easier and secured when you hire professional mover like demenageur montreal who can give you door to door service with quotation according to your specific requirements. They provide small and big moving and storage services at competitive pricing. They’re great also for company relocation as they disassemble, move and install an entire office with quality, fast and reliable service.


KnifeDock Drawer Organization Ideas

If there’s one room that I would love to stay most of the times it’s the kitchen area where foods are prepared and cooked. I love cooking and baking so whenever I have free time away from work I see to it that I prepare something special for my family. It doesn’t have to be a special occasion like birthdays, anniversaries or holidays for me to cook the best for my family because I’d love to do it even on simple family days. 

When I’m planning for long holiday weekends I shop for the things that I will need for my special recipes on my way home so the next day I’ll be able to cook early. I want things in my kitchen complete so when there’s an opportunity to buy accessories and tools I need I really splurge so I’ll be able to complete the set of my cooking tools. I save for these things more than the usual whims of women because it’s one of my favorite hobbies. 

Now... I’m looking for ways on how to organize some tools and accessories in my kitchen because they seem to look like a bunch of clutter, sometimes. I also want to safely store my knives without having a hard time getting at them when I need them for preparing food. Having the KnifeDock drawer organizer would be an ideal solution because it can accommodate any size knife and, just fit perfectly as the knife block inserts into standard kitchen drawers. 

The knives can be placed in such a way that you can easily identify its kind without even touching it. It allows secured storage, safe access without fear of accidentally touching the blade and unreachable by little kids. Check it out if you want an organized kitchen knife storage that will relieve you of fears for your kids and others, when they are in the kitchen or when I am enjoying my hobby of cooking. These kitchen organization ideas can be of great help for non-professional and professional cooks, alike, and others like me that never seem to get enough of kitchen cooking activities.


Sunday, April 14, 2013

Communion and Footwashing

We held communion and foot washing every quarter of the year in our home church but decided to do it this quarter in our summer camp fellowship to complete the fulfilling 2-day fellowship we had last Holy week. The ceremony lasted for hours until everyone has done all. We had our late dinner and rested to prepare for an early sunrise prayer service.

 Since I prepared everything and cooked our 2-day meals the night before the summer camp I haven't had the opportunity to sleep so after the foot washing it didn't took me long before I dozed off. I woke up feeling refreshed and ready for the day’s final service. Two days are not really enough for our summer camp and we hope that next time we’ll have more days to spend in the camp and enjoy more services.


Saturday, April 13, 2013

The Benefits of Moving

There are lots of things you can look forward to when moving to another place. For one thing you have the advantage of better work opportunities where you can find jobs near your place and of your interest. Sometimes the old place we lived keeps us stuck up with the jobs we don’t love anymore and when we have demenagement unto new environment we suddenly found new hope and new beginnings for our career. 

Then with the new environment you’re moving into you’ll get to meet new friends and be involved in new community which may help you see things in good perspective. Sometimes we need something new in our life to fuel the fire in our heart and get that fire burning to help you achieve your goals in life. Of course moving is not all good sometimes but I’m pretty sure that when you move there’s a greater percentage of moving on to better life. 

With all these things in our mind moving itself is a lot tasking and most often the excitement is overshadowed by the hardship of sorting, packing and unpacking of all your personal thing, appliances and other accessories. Well it wouldn;t be so hard with the help of  déménagement montréal who will make transferring more convenient and secured for your things and valuables. 

They have several years of experience in residential, commercial and industrial relocation that they know what it takes to make their customer feel that their things are secured and safe. Moving may really be hard sometimes but if you get professional services like ADT you’re on your way to stress-free relocation that will open up new doors for you.


Searching for Quality Shirt Printing Supplier

Together with our church brethren we decided to have a uniform shirt this coming December for our Baguio City fellowship. Our family plotted the designs for the said shirt and canvassed the cost of expenses for bulk order. Since we have plenty of shops here who specialize in manual and shirt printing we prepared the design and searched for the best quality rubberized print with affordable pricing. 

Some printing shops offer highly technical computer printing while others have simple means only and on one of those shops we noticed inexperience operator that nearly damage the shirt while he’s printing our design. We really have to be careful in choosing because our order could reach more than 4 dozens and we can’t afford back job. 

Anyway I was thinking if I could find a shop that uses web to print software from eoncode.com because my friend also need a supplier that will deliver quality printing requirements for their office use and his order is more than half of what we need for our church. Printing shops should really be investing on powerful and innovative tools to help them in delivering high quality products and services because it also means better opportunities in expanding their horizons.


Summer Camp Fellowship Choir

We had so many choir offerings in our recent summer camp meeting fellowship in the Prayer Garden in the hills of Tikling.  Of course the most awaited one was the kids' choir performance where they include toddlers as young as 2-year old children.  Josh seemed taller than before especially that he's behind the younger ones.

 The youth followed after the kids' performance where my two daughters Ruth and Gen were included.  As they entered high school they were baptized and were also promoted to youth.  It's nice seeing my two girls who transformed into teenage ladies now.  I still remember their younger performances in our previous fellowship and they really grow up fast.  They're more serious now and soon they will be playing musical instruments too.

Even without too much practice we - the elder sisters - had our choir songs too, yes not just one but two song offerings. It's our thanksgiving to God for always blessing and taking care of our family.  The last but not the least are the ministers who happily rendered their offered song and finished the testimony to begin the message hour.

With all our best efforts and thankful heart we offered all our songs to God who always guide and protect us all.


Friday, April 12, 2013

Buying School Supplies in Bulk

We’re having an inventory of our school supplies in the house which I usually buy once or twice a year. I want everything handy when my kids need it for their school projects and assignments so I make it a point to buy the usual supplies on a year-based quantity. Sometimes before the end of school year we would be lacking on some supplies and that’s the time that I would go to the bookstore to buy.

I learned the style of stocking up supplies for at least 6 months because it’s more affordable to buy in wholesale than in retails because my supplier gives me good discounts when I buy in bulk. It also gives me financial freedom to just spend on the start of school year so when they need such items in the next several months I don’t need to buy.

Anyway I also found in our inventory that through the years we’ve collected so much lanyards in the past and it would seem like a collector’s item.   My kids are so fond of ID and USB lanyards that they get to collect various colors and designs.   


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