Tuesday, April 2, 2013

What Does it Take to be Happy?

You know what it takes to be happy? It’s simple; you don’t need to have a promising career, a Porsche, a luxurious villa in exclusive villages, a beautiful wife or a gorgeous husband, a fat bank account and other material things. The secret of happiness lies within a deeper perception in life. We tried many things, do everything we can, slaved ourselves to work very hard but still happiness is far from us.

Try these simple things in your life and you’ll find peace and happiness. Free your heart from hatred, if you have enemies or someone who has done bad deeds on you let God revenge for you. Free your mind from worries, it’s normal to worry a little about something but don’t make it ruin your day and your life. Live simply, be satisfied with what you have, it’s nice to dream but make sure you’ll not be depressed if dreams won’t come true. Give more and expect less. You’re lucky if you’re the one who has the capabilities to give than you being the one who need assistance. Simple isn’t it? Follow this guidelines and make God the center of your life and I’m pretty sure you’ll be HAPPY.


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