Monday, October 5, 2009

:Today's Flowers #60 - Yellow Hibiscus

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I missed this meme last week because we were hit by storm and electricity took 6 days to resume. I can't go to another place or town to do my posting because we have tons of cleaning up to do, makes my blogs my second priority then. We have to look for extra purified water, gas and decent food to eat as every store near us has been flooded too. Communication and network signals were bad and I had to go to Smart booth for the free call to my hubby's office to inform them of what happened to us.

Anyway now we're returning to normal life and I'm posting my entry for this week. Luckily our plants and flower pots were not affected by the storm as our gumamela blooms suddenly after one week of storm. I've chosen this yellow hibiscus to represent the color of sunshine. God has sent the sun to give us message that there's hope after the storm.

Happy Monday! Visit more beautiful flowers at Today's Flower => here.


Continue Your Health Education Online

It feels good to help others especially during crisis or situations that call for immediate attention. When I go to hospitals I really observe how the staff works and I noticed that they’re so dedicated with their jobs. On the recent natural disaster that happened in our town there were many cases that were admitted in emergency room. Hubby and I were there because he had an infection in his feet due to prolonged stay in the flooded waters. I just admired how they treated the patients with urgency and diligence giving enough vaccines, cleaning and attended every patient’s wounds and sickness with patience.

Many of them didn’t go home on the critical days of the storm and they had eaten scarcely. I admired people who can cure sick persons and being able to do their job with much dedication. Some of the staff there who helped the hospital staff is under graduates and they only assisted the doctors in scheduling, instructing patients and on not so medical works, they just wanted to help in any way they can. I hope they can continue their education in the field of health even if on online education only just like in Allied health institute who helped in the pursuit of education in the field of allied health. They provide online education to those who cannot study in normal traditional school. That’s achieving your dreams in the most conventional way!


My Road Trip Test!

You Take the Road No One Travels

You see life as precious and special. Heritage and family are very important to you.

You often find yourself rushing through life. You don't take as much time as you'd like to enjoy the little things.

You are all about risk and randomness in your life. You travel off the beaten path... in fact, you're often the one carving the way!

You are able to find a fairly healthy balance between work and play. You work when you need to, but you never let yourself burn out.

In another life, you could have been a great novelist. You have a knack for describing things in an interesting way.


Online Backup for My Photos and Files

I’ve got plenty of pictures of my kids’ school and family’s activities. I always see to it that I document every moment of their lives by writing it in my online journal and keeping all pictures that I took in their activities. I’ve saved it in my hard disk and now that I’ve experienced the worst flood that happened in our town I’m thinking of saving all my pictures and important files in a place where I can feel safe that no matter what happened I can still retrieve them anytime. As I’m always online because of my work I’m thinking of an online backup for my volume of pictures and files to be in a safe place and also for sharing some of it. This way I will not worry anymore that my files will be corrupted when natural disasters come.


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