Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Josh Loves Books!

Josh is so fond of reading books, magazines and everything that he has in his school things’ cabinet. I place and store all of his school books, notebooks, writing pads, crayons, pencils and every items connected to his learning studies and we call it school cabinet. It’s good to have just one cabinet for all his items in school so even little items won’t be hard to find when needed. Now that he’s going to turn 6 next month I’m reviewing some books for additional reading and learning materials for him as I find it a waste not to give Josh as much books as he want as he really wants it.

He excels in his class not because of being a genius type but I think more of the high enthusiastic level that he has. Anything that he’s not familiar of he makes it a point to study. He always recites in their class and seemingly knows all of the lessons easily. He’s very patient and organized when it comes to studying and he wants to prepare his scheduled everyday. Now we’re reviewing some phonics book not for the school assignment but for his satisfaction only. He just loves books.


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