Saturday, January 8, 2011

HTC Phones

I’m still yearning for HTC windows phone but when I saw the htc desire android I’m having second thoughts. Anyway since I can’t afford it now I can only write it on my wish list. As for now I’m happy that my BIL would give me his wifi phone from G.B. which can also open blogs and other sites fast and easy. I still don’t know the model type but it was given by hubby’s sister living abroad who only use phones for months or a year and give them to her siblings when she comes home. 

We still have to save for the kids tuition fees this coming summer for next school year and that’s our priority for now aside from our duplex project and the car. I know God will supply all our needs and we just have to work hard and pray. After the enrollment and our projects I’ll get back to my wish list.


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