Sunday, April 28, 2013

Creating Green Space in Your Homes and Commercial Buildings

In these times of high-rise modern buildings we often see in business districts we sometimes miss the beautiful scenery brought about by the old low-storey buildings surrounded by green environment. Because of the increasing business development in the corporate world I have observed that commercial buildings are getting higher and higher like the building beside my own place of work. There’s no room for trees and landscapes are usually done on the front areas only. These are the trend of the times and I fear for the time that there will be no space for the green environment. 

Well I’m glad to find that there are companies like  couvreur montrĂ©al who strives to find solutions to create green spaces amidst the busy business district areas. They provide green roofing options to add a relaxing green space for the people and to also create additional living space. By doing so it doubles the life expectancy of the roof, provides a roof garden, decreases heat islands, filters rainwater, reduces greenhouse gases and a lot more. 

Vert Toit MTL, a  toiture montreal provider that offers green roof, white roof and sealing adopted a new innovation in roofing that helps the environment and creates not just space functionality but green environment as well. They also provide roofing services for houses, terraces, spas and gardens in an environment friendly service that’s beneficial to all. Enjoy a different living space in your homes or at the top of your office buildings.


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