Saturday, September 4, 2010

Birthday Preparations

We’ve been busy the whole day preparing things for our little boy’s birthday party. We decided to ask his uncle to cook some of the foods as it may spoil if I cook it at dawn. We’re having his birthday at a rented venue just beside our church. We’re going to decorate it and have some games playing for the kids. We gave them invitations to the kids last Wednesday so they can surely come on Sunday. They were all excited from the looks in their eyes so we made it a point to buy nice prizes, candies, chocolates, lollipops and many other kiddie foods. We’re now packing and arranging the little boy’s giveaways or what we call loot bags. Balloons would have to be on the house only as we’re kinda hesitant to bring it on the venue. As we were packing the goods for tomorrow’s party the little boy is busy eating some of the candies in the table.


Got a Cook for Josh Bday!

I thought I will not be able to do my tasks today because the little boy will be having his birthday party tomorrow but I learned from DH that my BIL agreed to cook for us. So I have to prepare only for the hotdogs on stick and other things like plates, glasses, fork, juices and many food keepers for tomorrow’s occasion. We’re starting to allot the prizes for each game so it will be ready tomorrow and Gen was doing the loot bags now. For the first time I will not spend many hours of chopping and cooking, thanks to BIL. A lot of pressure was lifted from my shoulders when I learned that I will not cook tomorrow so I’m now finishing all tasks that will be due until tomorrow. I really have a very schedule!


Rare and Unique Watches

My friend love watches and she collects it like bags. She has plenty of branded watches which came from either gifts from relatives or her own purchase. It started long ago when we’re still in school when one of close relatives abroad sent her a good quality and branded watch. She added it with her purchases of favoured watch brands. When you look at her collection there are varieties fitted for certain ages because she has her teenage watches there also. Now I’m browsing here some beautiful watches from Lussori, distributor of elegant and luxurious watches like IWC Watches, Christian Dior, Hermes, Piaget, Girard-Perregaux, Ulysse Nardin Macho Palladium and many others. They sell the most rare and unique timepieces which is not only fashionable and elegant but collector’s item as well. Watches are made in small numbers only but guaranteed to be of high quality and good craftsmanship.


Little Creativity on Banner

I’m glad that there are shops that cater to birthday and party needs because when I step into the store I got all I need. I was only looking for loot bags and party hats when I found some more items that I’m planning to buy elsewhere like the banner which costs me less than a hundred bucks compared to personalized tarpaulin which costs around 10 times more.

These days you really have to be practical with things you buy. I bought the banner and have it personalized by my nephew who is into art sign business. He designed the letters in coordination with the robotic theme and came up with a nice set of name letters in the banner. We put some pics of Josh to make it more personalized and voila we have a nice birthday banner without spending too much. A little creativity pays off!


Excited Little Boy

Everybody in the compound cheers the little boy about his birthday and he’s all smiles and counting the hours before the date will turn into 5. He’s always like that on his birthdays ever since he is 2 years old. He sees birthday as a day full of excitement and promises of fun just like last year when we go to his Dad’s office store in SM north after celebrating his birthday on the house. Instead of waiting for his Dad to come home early for his birthday we went there and made him ask permission to leave earlier lol!

When DH manager saw the kids they insisted on DH to leave his post to them and enjoy the day with his kids. The kids were as happy as the sky dome was new then and DH toured us around the newly renovated mall. It was super fun for the girls and the little boy so Josh is now looking forward to celebrating his birthday tomorrow with his church friends.


Resting and Surfing

I’m resting from the bountiful load of assignments that I was doing and doing some personal surfing when I browsed again for the nth time the iphone accessories which I keep on looking for weeks as if I really have an iPhone to accessorize with. Well I just felt great every time I look on new gadgets because it makes me feel inspired that when I pushed my work harder I’ll be able to save more for my gadgets’ cravings. I did find lots of accessories that will look nice on iPhone depending on your mood, style and image. Now I wish I have one by my side.


Just Like the Old Times

When I was with my former school friends we talked about everything non-stop and slightly forgot how much we wanted the food in front of us. Feels like we’re students again and just talking about what pocketbooks we read, the movies we had seen and the concert tickets we bought from the mall. Actually we’re only two or three interested in concerts during those days. 

It feels like we’re back in the good old times and we somehow lost ourselves in reminiscing all our five years in college. I really love these friends of mine and I miss them now. Glad we’re seeing each other again next week.


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