Saturday, September 4, 2010

Excited Little Boy

Everybody in the compound cheers the little boy about his birthday and he’s all smiles and counting the hours before the date will turn into 5. He’s always like that on his birthdays ever since he is 2 years old. He sees birthday as a day full of excitement and promises of fun just like last year when we go to his Dad’s office store in SM north after celebrating his birthday on the house. Instead of waiting for his Dad to come home early for his birthday we went there and made him ask permission to leave earlier lol!

When DH manager saw the kids they insisted on DH to leave his post to them and enjoy the day with his kids. The kids were as happy as the sky dome was new then and DH toured us around the newly renovated mall. It was super fun for the girls and the little boy so Josh is now looking forward to celebrating his birthday tomorrow with his church friends.


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