Wednesday, February 17, 2010

He’s Slimmer and Healthier

We chance upon a former office mate who used to be our companion in our overnight working for bid proposal. He was so big and needless to say he has excessive pounds but he’s not so keen on losing some of his extra pounds. Now when we saw him we couldn’t believe our eyes as he seems to be fit and very healthy. He’s still big but the fat he has in the past is slowly turning to muscles.

He told us he has decided to change his eating habits and turned to a healthy lifestyle because he has been sick in the past and the reason was too much cholesterol on his body. He has enrolled in a gym workout schedule to monitor his weight and he’s happy that he has become slimmer now. One of our friends asked him if he’s taking testosterone booster and he winked and smiled. Guess what? He played along with our friend’s question but he doesn’t know anything about the boosters. Now he's asking about it too because he's really serious in getting slimmer and becoming as fit as possible. He also wants some good hard muscles to complete his dream.


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