Monday, December 14, 2009

:Today's Flowers #70 - Zinnia

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This beautiful vivid flower has caught my attention while joining the student's parade last July for a nutrition week awareness program. It's color is very inviting that I silently fall off the line, took out my camera and shot as fast as I could, no sweat! I'm lucky that I was able to get a decent shot or I can call a nice one since I also capture the shadows on the flowers. It was mid morning and the sun was not that prevalent, just the simple sun shine. The name of this one,hmm I think this is zinnia, am I right?

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Education By Home Schooling

I just watched documentary news about children living in the mountains and walking almost halfway just to attend classes in the lower lands. It’s their will to study that’s giving them energy to walk miles and miles of mountainous road. It’s a pity that some students who were given the chance to study in famous schools were sometimes lazy to study and repeat their grade year level because they can’t pass the standards of the curriculum. Sometimes poverty leads the way for poor children to strive harder for a good future. They know that education can change their lives for the better so they’re doing all things just to make learning and education not just a dream to them but a reality as well.

Giving importance to education is a good goal in life and even if circumstances make it impossible for us to study we must find some ways to reach our dream to graduate and be qualified to any job that we like to have. There are many things that hinder other people to study. The most common is financial capability to support education which can be solved by applying for scholarships or enrolling in government schools. Some have difficulty in their intellectual level but this can also be remedied by full attention and support by parents. There are other reasons which cause others to be under educated but if you strive hard to make these hindrances solved there are always solutions for them.

What about if you have financial capability and good intellectual level but can study only on homeschooling setup? Now it’s not a problem anymore as there are many ways you can study in the comfort and convenience of your home. It will not only save you time and effort on traveling to school but money as well as transportation expenses will be saved. With Global Student Network who offers an affordable curriculum online for Grades 2-12 education can be achieved even for those who can’t study on regular schools. Even if it offers studying through internet access it has the most cost effective and complete curriculum with wide variety of over 90 courses.

Students enrolling in these courses need not worry about accreditation as it conforms to national curriculum standards and updated currently. This homeschooling curriculum is also used presently in 250 school districts offering online education and has been proven to be easily adaptable and customized for homeschool students. Education has really gone so far as reaching the home based people who want to learn and study. With this kind of schooling your dream can never be too far from reality.


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