Thursday, June 19, 2014

God’s Protection on Us

I felt very blessed when God has saved us from a coming car accident last Sunday on our way to our fellowship service. We were driving through a long highway when I heard an abnormal sound on the wheel. I asked my husband to stop and check when we found a place to park. We started disassembling the tires and checked each of them to ensure that we will be travelling on the road safely. 

It would be easier if there’s an hdlift available so DH can remove the tires easily but we’ve managed anyway specially that two of our church mates came to the rescue and helped us fix the trouble with brake disc and pads. There is also trouble with the parts of our car holding the wheels in place and in just one speedy run there’s a possibility that our right front wheel will be removed accidentally. 

Well God has guided and protected us from a would-be accident and we thanked Him that He never left us in that moment. Since we’re blessed and it’s also a special day for fathers we capped the night with a dinner celebration.


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