Friday, September 14, 2012

Aircon Repair Services and More

I’ve been feeling a lot uncomfortable these days as our office air conditioning unit malfunctioned and until a repair is done we will not be able to enjoy a cool temperature inside the office. I’m actually waiting for other quotations as we will have to choose the best service at lower cost. It was a surprise as I thought it’s already included in the building maintenance as the control is on them as to the range of temperature they should be giving us. We didn’t have problem in that area in the past and I could remember turning it off after two hours of continuous usage because it emits very cold temperature. 

Last week it suddenly leaked water and according to building maintenance it was clogged and need repairs. There are various areas to be repaired but beyond the cleaning part I know that it’s not our responsibility so now our broker is discussing things up with the Lessor to settle the aircon repair. I feel uneasy as they’re taking too long to decide and as we wait for it we’re very inconvenient with the office temperature. If only there’s Air Conditioning Repair Tucson here it will not be so hard to negotiate and decide on their estimate sheet of cost. 

It’s a common problem to me whenever I encounter things like this one because repair is always costly and if we didn’t have it repaired it will be harder on us with regards to our working condition and inconvenient for the visitors too. Browsing through taught me some things about the effects of air-conditioning systems on the air quality in our working environment and in our homes. 

Aircon repair service companies like that of  D&J Air  Conditioning led us to a source where we can get solutions for air conditioning requirements like buying, upgrading, installation, maintenance and repair services. We could also get some advices from professionally trained technicians who can help us with our problems with air conditioning unit and how to maintain it into a good working condition and not be uncomfortable.


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