Monday, July 27, 2009

:Today's Flowers #50

This is the white orchid that we brought home from our hometown in Laguna. My shot seems so dark as I took the shot in the evening with macro setup. My niece's hubby is growing some ornamental plants and flowers including varieties of orchids and my niece picked this one for my Mom as she knows my Mom's flair for beautiful orchids. Travel from Laguna to Rizal seems not so good for the orchid as after two days these blooms withered. It's ok as we have two whole plants with us. Just have to wait for the next blooms.

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Let Your Site Be Searched Easily

Blogging is my way of expressing my thoughts and experiences in life. It is in sharing those that I came to share also some inspirational thoughts to help people be refreshed and inspired. In this world we live in you cannot have a life without challenges, pressures and worries. The only thing you can do is to have them carefully managed in your life and to look at challenges as a way of being close to God. They say that you feel closer to Him when you have troubles; well it’s right because people have a tendency to pray hard when in need of God’s help. Of course when I share inspirational thoughts I want many people to read what I’ve written and I can’t do my objective if I don’t have many visitors in my site.
Now getting my blog indexed is very important to me especially if it’s a new one. I was just thinking that if it’s not indexed I can’t be found by searchers. Getting traffic to your site is every blogger’s wish and I’m not an exception. Whatever the reason is be it good ranking or traffic you want you can submit your site to free directory submissions which provides a way to get your site indexed by such famous search engines like Google, Yahoo and some other SEO. With this free tool available for bloggers like me I can be searched easily by my friends and those who want to read some of my shared inspirations. More traffic for me too!


I'm Not A Snob!

You Are Not a Snob

In general, you're a very open minded and kind person.

There really isn't a snobby bone in your body. You are very accepting.

You're not afraid to be who you are... you're proud of your individuality.

In truth, you think that snobby people aren't good enough for you!

Are You Snobby?

Actually I can be friends even with snobby people but not as close friends, I can teach them not to be too snobby lol!


Beauty That Radiates!

Women by nature loves being beautiful and some who are vain enough spend time and money to enhance their features for a more beautiful look. I believe in natural beauty and I know there many ways on how to make yourself pretty without changing a bit of the natural you. You can do it by dressing up in fashion, you can make your hair the crowning glory of your face by keeping it long, black and shiny or you can just be a natural person with a strong character that will make you stand out. Beauty is from within and no matter how hard you maintain your physical looks as long as you’re not good from inside it will show also. You should be beautiful inside and out.
Talking about women, beauty and character most women accentuate their looks and status by wearing jewelries. They believe that your choice of jewelry defines your character as well as your status in life. As for me I’m very fond of heart pendant jewelry which shows that no matter how my age would add I’m always be young at heart with my chosen jewelry designs. Sometimes ladies feel beautiful, refreshing and fabulous when they wear jewelries but actually it’s the inner feeling that radiates from them that makes them beautiful and those dazzling jewelries are just there for their indulgence.


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