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4 Surefire Ways Future Tenants Can Spot a Fake Landlord

These days, there are news regarding unscrupulous and fraudulent people who take over the home of other peoples and have it rented out. What's worse is they rent it out for one or two more people! This simple scam spells bad things for people who are looking for houses for rent. This is why if you plan to rent a house, it is best that you must carry out some extra precautions. When you do this, you will have higher chances of avoiding scams.

Truth is, spotting a fake landlord is hard even if you have met him already. These frauds are experts and they know how to play with people even if face to face. However, it can be a lot more difficult to spot a fake landlord even before the property viewing. As mentioned earlier, it's difficult but it is not at all possible!

It is best that you spot a fake landlord right away-- even before you have the property. They say that quit while you're still ahead and that saying applies here. To help you get this done, here are some tips that you can surely use!

Scrutinize the advertisements of the house for rent.

These days, there are already lots of sites where landlords are given the chance to advertise for free. It is best that you figure out where the advert came from. In the event that you found out that that it came from such sites, it is best that you figure out how the admin of the sites vets the landlord posting on their site. In the event that they have no way to determine the legitimacy of the landlords, then avoid such sites.

Get personal information from the landlord.

It is best that you try to get the landlord's full name, address and of course, contact number. In the event that the landlord refuses to give such details, it must mean that they are hiding something.

Know if the landlord has some form of accreditation.

If a landlord is a member of an accreditation scheme, it means that he is trustworthy and reliable. Accreditation schemes are available in almost every state. Know what schemes are in your state. In addition to that, make a research on how you will be able to determine their membership.

Do some background checking online.

The best way to find out if the landlord really owns the property is by checking Land Registry online. This will cost you some bucks however the amount is just minimal. Plus, knowing the legitimacy of your future landlord is surely worth the price and effort. In the online registry, you will be able to download the title registry. Through this, you will be able to know who the real owner of the property is.

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Tips for Buying an Electric Cordless Lawn Mower

The advantages of using an electric cordless mower are many, and the great part about it is that you won’t need to muck around with gas. Another great thing about going for the cordless option is that there is no chance of you accidently running over the cord. There are some things to think about before choosing which one you will buy, so that you get the best one for your needs. Here are 5 tips to consider before you go ahead and purchase your cordless electric mower.

Battery Power

One important thing to take into consideration is what sort of grass you will be mowing and how much battery power you will need to get the job done. Cordless electric mowers come in different types with different sized batteries. Obviously the ones that have the batteries with more voltage will mean that the mower has more grunt. So if you are mowing somewhere that has particularly strong grass then you will want to get one with a stronger battery, otherwise it is not going to cut it (no pun intended).

Cutting Area

Another thing to take into consideration is how big the area of grass that you will need to cut. If you are cutting a large area then you might be best to go for a ride on gas mower as this type of mower is better suited to doing large areas. A cordless mower will only go so long before needing to be plugged in and recharged, so it may not be the right thing for you.

Extra Batteries

If you are set on getting a cordless electric lawn mower then you might need to invest in an extra battery to ensure that you are able to mow the whole lawn in one go, especially if you have a large area to mow. Purchasing extra batteries is a fairly simple process, especially if you are going with one of the well-known power tool brands such as STIHL. Having an extra battery is handy to have, just in case you forget to charge one and need to get the job done quickly.

Mulching or Not Mulching

When deciding which electric cordless mower you are going to buy, another aspect of the process to think about is whether you are going to have a grass catcher, or just let the grass stay on the lawn after it is cut. The advantages of letting it lay where it falls is that it becomes a fertiliser for the grass. The disadvantages is that it might not look as good as if it was caught and composted elsewhere. Having said that, if you are collecting the grass cuttings and don’t compost them, they will go into landfill after you deposit them into the dustbin and this adds to the environmental impact in the long term.

New or Second Hand?

Choosing to buy an electric cordless lawn mower brand new is not always the best option although starting with a brand new one will mean that you know where it has been and how well it has been cared for. There are some fairly decent ones available second hand for a reasonable price but this is a decision that you will need to make for yourself.


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