Thursday, March 22, 2012


It’s the start of my daughter’s vacation tomorrow as they’re now finishing school clearances. The little boy had his first day of vacation yesterday which he spent dropping to my office with DH and attending bible study with us early evening. I’m now planning their summer activities after Holy Week as they will restless if they will not do creative activities. Last summer I enrolled them in a summer music school but this coming two months I want them to spend it at home with no regular schedule of classes. I’m hoping and praying that my finances would come on April for the duplex renovation plans so we can conveniently schedule the repair while kids don’t have classes.

Anyway for our home improvement and repair plans I’m thinking of having an attic with maximum daylighting with venting skylights I browsed on I always wanted roofs that you’ll see something of the sky because I love sky gazing and when the kids would do their summer activities I want them to enjoy maximum lighting and some airflow also. I will not be able to do this if we will not start the renovation because our original house design doesn’t have room for adding an attic. It will have to be redesigned to be included. Well for those who also love the same thing you can view some of skylight store’s electric and manual venting skylights for ideas.


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