Tuesday, January 19, 2010

God's Assurance and Protection

I didn’t posted here the fire that happened in our area last week the 13th of this month which razed around 3 compounds destroying more or less 20 houses. That fire was very near our house, it’s actually the 5th house from ours and if you’re in the vicinity of the fire you’ll think that the fire is already beside your house as the black smoke engulfs the surrounding area. It was a nerve-shattering moment and all I did was to kneel and pray hard to God to let the disaster passed without harming us. As I prayed I felt God’s assurance that He’ll protect us from the fire. God is good all the time, He stopped the fire immediately and never let the fire touched the house before us.

After more than an hour of putting off the fire it was declared stable and safe by the firemen who struggled through the inner area of the compound. Some people who live at the back were trapped but found safety in the roof. No casualties were reported either on the residents or in the fire protection group who see to it that they have fire safety products with them before they rescued people and houses. I give all praises and thanks to God.


New Arrangements

The girls are having different schedules on their classes in the afternoon because of extra curricular activities that should be attended after the regular classes not to mention the usual practices, meetings and many others. DH and I talked about this morning what should be the best way we can do to solve the problem of their service in school. We can’t blame the service driver if he can’t be back for Gen at her requested time for the guy has other students waiting for him in their designated time so if Gen will be late for their scheduled time she’ll have to wait for a much later time before he can fetch her up.

It’s a little dangerous for Gen to stay late in the school especially if all her classmates will go home earlier than her so we decided to cut the service and do it ourselves. DH will send them in the morning and I will fetch them in the afternoon and if I can’t make it they can go home on their own. There’s a safe way home which they can walk through two community streets without passing the national road. It’s a short cut from school to our home and it’s a walking route which the kids love to do with their friends who lives near our place. It’s also a practice for Ruth who is graduating this March and will enter secondary school next year. Sometimes children need a little space to learn things up and enjoy their childhood. Anyway I'll try to fetch them everyday.


Regaining My Health

These past few days I feel sudden pain in my chest and I easily get tired when I work. I know from the past that every time I gained so many pounds this pain occurs so I started my healthy diet again. Together with this diet I started some exercises also that are good for the heart and for my stamina. When I go to school to visit my kids I walk either going to or from the school, it somehow brings back the strength of my heart, feet and my body’s resistance. It’s my favorite exercise way back then and when I stopped walking my minimum 3 kilometers a day I felt lazy and weaker.

I should have noted that I can’t go on without my daily exercises and I’m sure that’s the reason why I feel so sick these past few days. Being overweight is another thing as the holidays had doubled up the pounds that I’ve lost before December last year. Well I’m hoping that I can get back to shape and strength with my new health plan. I’m glad that I don’t have to take diet pills like liporexall for now as I’m so determined to lose excess pounds and regained my healthy body. I’m extra careful with what I eat now, actually I’m having fruits and fish this lunch.


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