Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Regaining My Health

These past few days I feel sudden pain in my chest and I easily get tired when I work. I know from the past that every time I gained so many pounds this pain occurs so I started my healthy diet again. Together with this diet I started some exercises also that are good for the heart and for my stamina. When I go to school to visit my kids I walk either going to or from the school, it somehow brings back the strength of my heart, feet and my body’s resistance. It’s my favorite exercise way back then and when I stopped walking my minimum 3 kilometers a day I felt lazy and weaker.

I should have noted that I can’t go on without my daily exercises and I’m sure that’s the reason why I feel so sick these past few days. Being overweight is another thing as the holidays had doubled up the pounds that I’ve lost before December last year. Well I’m hoping that I can get back to shape and strength with my new health plan. I’m glad that I don’t have to take diet pills like liporexall for now as I’m so determined to lose excess pounds and regained my healthy body. I’m extra careful with what I eat now, actually I’m having fruits and fish this lunch.


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