Monday, April 6, 2009

Tax Planning

Now that it’s nearing the BIR deadline for paying and submission of withholding tax for all taxpayers I’m glad that our department has earlier finished with all the essential documents needed to submit for the company. We’re confident with all the submitted documents as our auditor completely verified and checked all tax documents before we submitted them to BIR.

Early preparation is really an advantage because it gives enough allowable time to fix any incorrect information and data. I know how to compute taxes for employees living here only but when it comes to International tax planning I’m not that familiar. I just came upon this one on the net and learned that there are companies who deal with taxpayers with various residences and countries. It’s a big help and assurance on the client’s part that their taxes will be minimized within allowable guidelines. They handle individuals and corporations needing legal, financial and management advisory, consultation is free of charge.


:Today's Flowers #34

I'm back again here at Today's Flowers after being offline for two weeks. Been too busy with my mom's eye condition. I was very happy that she regained her eyesight after her cataract operation last April 1, 2009.

These pretty petite white flowers are from my Auntie's garden who lives just beside us, the buds resembles those of sampaguita but the flowers are slightly different. I was glad that I did a pretty good shot of this one because I've had difficulty in shooting white flowers previously.

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Caring For Our Teeth

I’ve always loved looking at different smiles and I noticed that beautiful teeth contribute a lot to make your smile perfect especially if you have white pearl looking teeth. Perfect teeth are achieved through regular visit to dentists and eating the right kind of food that will stimulate the right protection for your precious teeth. Some people spend a lot of money just to make sure they will have the latest innovation in dental technology like what I read about San Diego TMJ dentist who specializes in TMJ dysfunction treatment. Why would you bear the painful symptoms of the mentioned sickness if you could afford to have it treated!

Our teeth are very important to us and we must do everything to protect it, anyway it’s not that hard to have beautiful teeth as dental technology has reached further development in dental world. I myself wanted to have some improvement on my teeth but I’ll have to save money as my dentist told me that there are many things that we should do before I can achieve my plan. It’s expensive but I know a beautiful smile will be worth it.


Summer Camp Excitement

I’m starting on my preparation for our summer camp meeting in Indang, Cavite on April 9 and 10. As early as today I told my two daughters how many clothes they will bring and their personal essentials that must not be forgotten. All of my kids were very excited that they are counting the days before our travel. I was happy that I have trained them over the years on how they will prepare their things every time we have summer camp. They choose their own clothes and just let me approve on the contents of their packed bags, this way they help me to lighten my load. For my youngest 5-year old Josh I do all the packing but he suggests some of his favorite clothes :-) he now have some preferences. We earlier shopped for toiletries and food that we will bring so we will not be rushed on the designated time. We’ll leave at 4am on Thursday and meet our brethren before 5 am in GMA Cavite.


Recruitment Help

Being the administrative officer in my work entails me to look upon many things which also involved hiring the best individuals for our company. It may sound unusual but I also handle the recruitment of staff needed in our company. It’s not easy choosing the best applicant especially if there are many competitive individuals applying for the same position. There are many things that you have to consider in order to hire the best and it includes qualifications, education, intelligence, experience and of course the asking price or salary.

To start with I do some extensive study on their emailed resume and scheduled the candidates for examination to test their ability through IQ tests, psychological and specialization exam depending on the position they applied for. After passing all of it they will be lined up for interview with department head and to the manager. It was a tasking job that’s why some companies hire Executive Recruitment firm to handle all works involving recruitment especially on hiring higher ranking positions. There are many companies who offer this kind of work and you’ll just have to choose who has the ability to look for individuals that would perfectly fit in the requirements of the company. For more important tidbits on executive recruitment, head over to the Spencer Stuart networking page. Check out this other Spencer Stuart page for more details. It’s beneficial to hire them because they have the experience to get the best manpower for your company.


Holiday Date Changes

It’s a replaced holiday once again commemorating the National Heroes day which is really on the 9th of this month. The President has chosen this day to replace the real date because it will fall on Good Friday. It’s not new anymore as many holiday dates were changed to fit in a more comfortable setup like extending weekends like this one. This changing of dates has advantages and disadvantages but because it always happens people are getting accustomed to these changes making them wait for the announcement whenever holidays occur. Anyway this time it really helps me a lot as I’m on a one-month


Summer Coolers

It’s summer once again and everyone is planning about some vacation here and abroad. What’s good about this season are the foods that are available everywhere you go, you can see various stalls and mini stores that offers coolers like ice cream, fruit shakes, banana con ice, mais con ice and the most famous of all the halo-halo. These coolers are the most sought-after thirst quenchers this time of the year but did you know that it also carries a lot of calories?

I felt that during my two weeks stay in the house eating snack like these slowly adds up some pounds in my belly. I should be thinking about some hard exercise to get rid of my excess pounds or I might be overweight by the end of this summer. Some of my friends who can’t resist eating these foods turn to diet pills that help them eliminate unwanted pounds. I still have to consult my doctor if it’s safe for me to take these pills, for now I should be disciplining myself on proper diet and exercise.

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