Monday, April 6, 2009

Summer Coolers

It’s summer once again and everyone is planning about some vacation here and abroad. What’s good about this season are the foods that are available everywhere you go, you can see various stalls and mini stores that offers coolers like ice cream, fruit shakes, banana con ice, mais con ice and the most famous of all the halo-halo. These coolers are the most sought-after thirst quenchers this time of the year but did you know that it also carries a lot of calories?

I felt that during my two weeks stay in the house eating snack like these slowly adds up some pounds in my belly. I should be thinking about some hard exercise to get rid of my excess pounds or I might be overweight by the end of this summer. Some of my friends who can’t resist eating these foods turn to diet pills that help them eliminate unwanted pounds. I still have to consult my doctor if it’s safe for me to take these pills, for now I should be disciplining myself on proper diet and exercise.

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