Saturday, October 31, 2009

:PH#185: Bags (Camera Bag)

This is my favorite bag which is actually a camera bag which I bought a year ago together with my point and shoot Canon digicam. Now that I'm not working in office I find it very convenient to just carry this bag when I go to my kids' school and when I run errands such as going to bank, grocery and window shopping.

It's very light and I can carry my digicam anywhere without overburdening myself with heavy bag. It has locks so it's safer also. It has many compartment which I can put in my powder, small cologne, small comb,small notebook and pen, mobile phone, extra batteries, flashdrives, extra memory cards, hankie,cards, purse and my kids' candies. It's like having a wonder bag don't you think!

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Wedding Flowers

Getting married is not a joke. It’s a serious thing and very important especially for the two people who chose to live each day of their lives together. As they say for rich or for poor, for better or for worse, in sickness and in health and everything that will happen in the course of their lives.

Preparing for marriage is not as easy also as it takes a lot of time, effort, planning and money. It also entails the help of family, friends and relatives to prepare important things needed in the ceremony and reception. You’ll have to plan everything from gowns, wedding invitations, entourage, sponsors, reception, food, cheap bridal flowers and many other things. Actually if you really think about this you’ll need a much longer period to ensure readiness in all aspects. I’ve been through it all and I’m lucky that I got help of my family, relatives, church mates and friends. They helped us through almost all aspects of preparations and we happily got through the celebration with ease because of them.

Well for those who are also planning to get married make sure that you have all the resources not only the money but of the people who will help you along the way. Make sure that you’ll be able to get some good deals in your gowns, menu and flowers. Now it’s easier with ordering some of these online like the flowers from Russ Wholesale Flowers which offers a wide variety of flowers for your wedding and some occasion at a very affordable price. Your flowers will arrive fresh from the fields where they’re grown. Always remember that getting beautiful and elegant flowers can be inexpensive also.


Saturday 9: She's a Beauty

1. Do you consider yourself beautiful?
Beautiful mind and heart....

2. Do you think you have a great sense of humor?


3. What is the funniest thing you ever said?

I always say funny things but I can't judge what's the funniest, it depends on the one who hears them..

4. What's the funniest thing you ever did?

Imitating baby's cry and Josh' having tantrums, my kids laughs at me

5. In a partner, how important are looks?
After several years of marriage looks are not that important but we should be at our best for our husbands

6. In a partner, how important is sense of humor?
Very important as it makes life easy to handle

7. What's the funniest thing a partner ever said?
He always say funny things to our kids and I don't keep tract of the funniest :-)

8. What's the funniest thing a partner ever did?
Making funny faces

9. In a partner, how important is intelligence?
Intelligence is quite important but it's not the gauge of happiness for married people


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